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Sometimes kids are faced with nutritive problems that are quite hard to deal with. As a parent or guardian, you may be tasked with the duty of finding the best supplement to aid in dealing with the condition the right way.

I would advise you to consider picking the best chewable probiotic for your child today. These supplements have been created in the perfect way to give the consumer an easy time getting them to the gut and aiding in the improvement of gut health in the process.

When it comes to providing your child with the necessary nutrients for a healthy life, these supplements barely disappoint.

Your child will have an easy time consuming these probiotics, as they can easily be swallowed. Tastes have also been enhanced such that they are sweeter and with zero after taste. Synthetic components have been avoided too.

This means that the supplements are safe and good for the child’s health. There are no side effects after consumption. Apart from the inclusion of helpful bacteria, these supplements have incorporated elements of significant nutritive value.

I would like to assure you that these supplements are totally safe and good for the baby. Additionally, there are a variety of supplement options to choose from.

Best Kids Chewable Probiotic List



The probiotic is very effective when it comes to the improvement of the child’s immune system. This is very helpful as the child’s system will work better at fighting diseases and disease-causing infections.

The chewable probiotic contains a bacterial strain that has been clinically found to be helpful in terms of improving the health of the gut.

When it comes to consumption, you find that the strains can survive the harsh condition of stomach acids, by resisting digestion until they safely reach the gut where they can be absorbed.

5 billion active probiotics are contained in the supplement. This is a product that has been recommended worldwide by top clinicians a being safe and the very best when dealing with gut health and imbalance in bacterial populace.
There are barely any synthetic components in the supplements. This means that it is very safe for the child and cannot result in any kinds of side effects.


  • No synthetic components have been added to the supplement.
    It is safe for the child’s health.
  • Gut health is restored in a matter of weeks.
  • It is a powerful probiotic as it contains 5 billion CFUs.
  • The child’s immunity system is also boosted.


  • Some kids don’t like the flavor of the supplement.


Intelligent Labs

The probiotic contains a total of 6 billion CFUs. These microorganisms work powerfully to deal with any inadequacies of bacteria in the gut. They achieve the same by replenishing already lost bacteria.

These supplements are affordable. This means that you can get your child the probiotics without struggling too much financially. It saves you some money in the process.

The chewable probiotic has a great taste that your child will love. With 6 billion probiotics, you are assured that the supplement works powerfully. Results manifest in a short time.

There is no need for refrigeration as the supplement is a shelf stable product. The bacteria present in the supplement stay active for long.

Natural ingredients emanating from the flavors of sweet fruits have been added in preparation. You can trust that the product will have zero side effects to the child when consumed.


  • Gut health is significantly improved.
  • The immune system of the child is also boosted.
  • The supplement contains 6 billion probiotics. It is not only powerful but also effective.
  • This probiotic is being sold at an affordable price.
  • It is a shelf stable product. There is no need for you to incorporate the use of a refrigerator in storage.


  • There are different side effects that have been noted.


Garden of Life

This is an organic probiotic whose ingredients are derived from natural sources. The probiotic has been prepared by top clinicians who have avoided synthetic components. These are not good for your kid as they may result in various side effects.

5 billion CFUs have been included in the supplement. This makes it one of the most powerful and effective probiotics in markets today. The probiotic has a USDA certification. All the ingredients are GMO-free.

It is a shelf-stable product meaning that you won’t be required to adopt the use of a refrigerator during storage.

The chewable probiotics have a great flavor that the young one will love. 14 whole strains have been included. This adds to the power and proficiency of the supplement. It works like no other.


  • It is a shelf stable probiotic. There is barely need for you to use refrigeration.
  • It is completely safe as it is GMO-free.
  • Synthetic chemicals haven’t been used at all.
  • 14 strains together with 5 billion CFUs have been used.
  • It aids in improving gut health of the child.
  • The immune system of the child is also boosted.


  • The container used is made of plastic which contains BPA.


Digestive Advantage

250 million CFUs are contained in each gummy of this supplement. In case your child is suffering from an imbalance in the number of bacteria within the gut, taking this probiotic should be a viable option, as it works effectively 100%.

The immune system of the child is significantly boosted. This is very important as it helps in the fight against diseases and related infections. The child becomes stronger and more resistant to harmful bacteria.

The gummies have delicious flavors that your child will love. The flavors are derived from natural fruits.

No synthetic component has been used. It is good and safe for the child. The probiotic has been designed using a mechanism that prevents its digestion in the stomach. It reaches the intestinal tract safely.


  • The gummies are delicious. The flavors used have been sourced from natural fruits.
  • No synthetic components have been added to the probiotic. It is 100% safe.
  • It contains 250 million CFUs. It is powerful and effective.
  • The late release mechanism prevents the digestion of the probiotic in the stomach.
  • The immune system of the child is also boosted.


  • The corn syrup is not good for some children.
  • Some parents have complained of poor delivery.


Lovebug Probiotics

The supplement contains both probiotics and prebiotics. The prebiotics work effectively in doing away with harmful bacteria in preparation for the probiotics to come in and work optimally. These are very affordable.

They go for only $19. The supplements will aid in the restoration of balance between bacteria in the gut of your child. This not only improves gut health but also boosts the immune system of the child, making him or her stronger and more resistant to bouts of infections.

This probiotic has been created to take care of your child’s health not only when he or she is faced with deficiencies regarding digestion and nutrition but also as they grow. No incidences of the presence of synthetic components have been recorded. It is a safe product.


  • This is a quality product that can be trusted and relied on for effective results.
  • Synthetic components haven’t been used.
  • The product is affordable.
  • Gut health of the child is well taken care of.
  • The probiotic will boost the immunity of the child.
  • It is a shelf stable product. There is no need for refrigeration.
  • The flavors of the supplement are derived naturally.
  • It is powerful and effective as it contains 10 billion CFUs.
  • The supplement is prepared in the USA.


  • Some parents have reported of a chalky feeling.
  • There are some children who have experienced stomach problems.
  • The berry flavor may not be too strong.

What you need to consider when choosing the best kids chewable probiotic

When choosing a probiotic element for your child, it is important that you consider the quality of the supplement, the flavors used and the ingredients too. Unlike adults, the digestive systems of children are quite sensitive and react very quickly to harsh components.

It is therefore advisable that you take note of the components used. The flavor of the supplement should be considered, as this makes it easier for the child to chew the tablets. Supplements that have a bitter flavor are usually hard to chew.

These probiotics are very helpful as they aid in providing the child with important nutrients. This leads to an improved gut health and an immune system like no other. The child becomes more resistant to infections and diseases, as the defense system is stronger.

The supplements are being sold at affordable prices. This pricing makes it easier for you to purchase the supplements, as you don’t need to spend a lot of money.

It is very important that you check the verification status of the probiotics. This will help you in determining if they are safe for consumption or not. Some probiotics have been created in such a way that they are resistant to stomach acids. They arrive safely in the intestines.

We came up with a buying guide that seeks to pinpoint the major factors you should take into consideration when purchasing a chewable probiotic for your loved one.

Conducting adequate market research

This specific factor is up for consideration as you need to keep in mind that the product is intended for a child.

In modern times, there are two major ways to engage in market research, the first one being online research and the other being window shopping or the physical visitation of shops and stores.
Online research requires you to visit websites and online stores that deal in the sale of quality probiotics. The most important thing to consider here is the verification status of the site you choose to source your information from.

Sites such as Amazon can be trusted, as it is a renowned store that is reputable worldwide. Additionally, the websites where you get your information from should be trusted.

This is because of the tendency of illegal sites to disprove certain products just because they are being made and sold by rivaling companies.

You need to check the features of all the products you intend to purchase, including quality and functionality. This will help you in determining the composition of each product, to know which ones work perfectly and powerfully.

Additionally, you can check the reviews that have been provided by customers who have already purchased the products. Customer reviews are usually comments made regarding the product’s proficiency in satisfying the needs of its customers.

It is also important that you check the verification status of the purchaser, as this helps you in determining if the comment is authentic or not.

This is because different sellers and manufacturers these days attempt to masquerade as innocent buyers, but the major intentions in their minds may be to discourage buyers from purchasing the products of that brand. This, they do by providing negative comments.

You should therefore get a review from a verified purchaser. Customer reviews can be either positive or negative. A positive review proves that the product is authentic and has satisfied the customer’s needs.
A quality product will always get a positive review, as it is flawless. A negative feedback on the other hand raises the question of safety, quality and functionality.

A product rating is usually provided together with customer reviews. This is done out of five stars. A probiotic that scores an average rating of 4 can be considered.

The other method of research can be termed as window shopping even though it basically entails the physical visitation of a shop or store.

Just like in online research, you will be required to check out the specifications of different probiotics. The good thing is that you interact one on one with buyers, sellers and manufacturers of the supplements.
This makes it easier for you to consult professionals and experts. They can provide you with beneficial information, which will help you in making better-informed decisions.

Any questions you may be having in mind can be answered there and then.


A safe probiotic should contain ingredients that are not harmful to the child in any way. Synthetic components are examples of such ingredients. They may contain harsh ingredients that may pose a health risk to the child.

Due to the sensitive nature of the child’s digestive system, it is advisable that you know exactly the components that your child is allergic to.

Some children tend to be allergic to components such as gluten, soy or corn. Additionally, probiotics that aren’t GMO-free may cause health complications to the child.

The containers in which the supplements are kept should be made of materials that are not only environmentally-friendly but also safe for the child.

Containers that are made of plastic materials such as BPA may be harmful, as these result in complications in case they are consumed.

Quality, performance and ingredients used

The quality of a probiotic is an important aspect to take into consideration when picking a probiotic for your child. Due to the chewable nature of these products, it is imperative that you find a probiotic that is easy for the child to chew and swallow.

The pills should be delicious or tasty. Naturally, children dislike the bitter taste of medicine. Finding a probiotic that is sweet will be an added advantage, as your child will not struggle getting used to the taste.
As a matter of fact, your child will look forward to taking the probiotic. The ability of a probiotic to work powerfully and effectively is usually determined by the number of strains or colonies it contains.

The higher the number of strains and probiotics a supplement has, the better the product is at restoring gut health and regaining bacterial balance. A probiotic that is powerful may require the consumer to use only a tablet a day.

Ingredients that have been used should be high-quality. In addition, natural products are safe, as they do not contain harmful elements that may result in negative side effects to consumers. Natural products are those that have been sourced directly from organic farms.

The flavors of some probiotics are derived from synthetic components. These are not good as they result in diseases or health complications that are difficult to treat.

It is advisable that you consider picking a probiotic whose flavor has been derived from natural fruits, such as berries. The child is kept safe and healthy. Furthermore, he or she gets to enjoy the sweet nature of the supplement during mastication.

The storage of a probiotic determines the ability of the supplement in working effectively. Likewise, the potency of a probiotic is dependable on the nature or type of storage of the supplement.

Experts recommend that you consider a shelf stable product, as this stays in its working condition and barely loses potency, even when the packaging has already been opened.

Shelf stable products stay for long. They are not affected by factors such as extreme temperatures. There are products that require you to keep them in refrigerated conditions for storage.

It is quite hard for you to maintain the potency of a probiotic that is not shelf stable. In case electricity is disconnected, the products may lose their potency. In addition, opening probiotic types that are not shelf stable may result in the loss of potency.

For a probiotic to be effective, it is required to reach the gut safely, where its functionality is much needed. To maintain the effectiveness of probiotics, clinicians have devised the late release mechanism which prevents the digestion of the supplements by stomach acids.

Instead, the release of bacteria is inhibited until the probiotic reaches the gut safely.

You need to check the manufacturing company and the certification status of the probiotic. Supplements that have been prepared by top clinicians will work effectively. You are assured that quality has been adhered to, and that the products are completely safe for the child.

The certification status of the probiotic needs to be checked, as this is one of the surest ways of determining if a product is safe or not.

Various third-party agencies are usually tasked with the duty of checking probiotic supplements. The ones that pass the tests are safe for consumption by the child.


I would say that chewable probiotics for kids are the most affordable supplements in markets today. You just need to find the product that suits your child’s needs and you are good to go.

You will barely spend a lot of money in the process. However, if you need to purchase more than two packages, you may be required to take into consideration the affordability factor.

This, you can manage by picking an affordable probiotic from the quality ones you may be considering to purchase. The good thing about these products is that you may enjoy sale discounts from the seller or manufacturer.

Top Kids Chewable Probiotic

Culturelle - TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
Intelligent Labs4.8 out of 5 stars
Garden of Life4.6 out of 5 stars
Digestive Advantage4.4 out of 5 stars
Lovebug Probiotics4 out of 5 stars


It is very important that you take into consideration the safety of the child. The product you purchase should contain natural ingredients that do not harm the child or cause any side effects in the process.

Components such as gluten and soy should be exempted, as they do not work well for most children.

Different flavors are being used to give the probiotics the sweet nature. These flavors should be obtained from natural fruits, as these are safe for consumption and do not have side effects.

Most of these products work powerfully and effectively. The Lovebug probiotic, however, stands out. It is a safe product that is shelf stable. There is no need for you to store the probiotic in a refrigerator.

In terms of quality, this supplement boasts of 10 billion CFUs. In as much as it aids in improving the gut health of the child, the probiotic outdoes itself by boosting the immunity of the user, making it effective.

It has a sweet flavor that is derived from natural fruits. All the ingredients are safe, as they have been sourced from organic farms. No synthetic components have been used. This means that the products can be fully relied on, as they are safe and natural.

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