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Clostridium difficile is a bacteria that affects your gut leading to a number of serious symptoms, but the most serious one is the C.difficile associated diarrhea that can either be mild or sever depending on a number of other factors.

The bacteria can be found around in water, air and even home appliances, it can also be found in patients who are in hospitals and even health workers, this has been of the most notable mode of transmission of the bacteria.

It is also important to note that your gut can contain some amounts of C.difficile. The bacteria can affect adults and children but has been found to be more severe in older people who suffer from other underlying conditions, which might weaken their immune system further.

The C diff bacteria in your gut can grow leading to an infection, especially if you are taking antibiotics. The most common symptom of this infection is watery diarrhea, but one can also have other symptoms like cramping, fever, nausea.

The good news is that researchers have found a way to treat this bacterium through the use of probiotics. Probiotics are ‘friendly bacteria ‘that are found in various supplements and food products the most notable one being yoghurt.

You see your gut has countless of living organisms that keep the condition of your digestive system intact through their balance, an offset of this balance leads to an increase in the bad bacteria in this case the C.difficile bacteria .

Owing to the fact that the use of probiotics has become very popular and various food products are striving to incorporate it into their products it can be a bit daunting to pin point the right probiotic for C.difficile. So, this list of the top five probiotics for C diff recovery.

Best Probiotic for C-Diff Recovery List


Florastor Daily Probiotic Supplement for Men & Women

Having an unhealthy digestive system can be quite stressful to anyone. It is extremely uncomfortable and painful a fate that you wouldn’t even wish on your worst enemy. However, Florastor Daily Probiotic supplement can make everything better for you.

It has 100 capsules in the packaging, with each capsule containing 250 mg of Saccharomyces boulardii. This is one of the probiotic strains that has been extensively studied, passed through a ton of trials and proven to have a positive effect on the overall health of your digestive system.

It strengthens your immune system and balances the healthy bacteria in your gut. It has an all-natural ingredient list and is non-GMO. It is also gluten free and an excellent option for anyone who is lactose intolerant. It has a 3 year shelf life, thus no refrigeration is needed.


  • This probiotic improves the health of your digestive system and strengthens your immune system
  • It is made with natural products and is Non-GMO
  • Has been designed to survive up to three years with no refrigeration whatsoever


  • There has been complaints from customers who received the package with the safety seal broken
  • It is very expensive


Vitamin Bounty Pro 50 with Prebiotics

The standard amount of CFUs is about 10-15 billion living cultures, but the Vitamin Bounty Pro 50 goes an extra mile to provide you with 50 billion CFUs per serving. It is efficient and gives you a greater chance of overcoming digestive issues such as C.difficile infection.

It is packed with 13 different probiotic strains to ensure that the good bacteria in your gut are sufficiently replenished. Since there are greater chances of the capsules getting lost in stomach acid, it has delayed release capsules to make sure they escape the wrath of stomach acid.

The Vitamin Bounty Pro 50 does not use fillers in its capsules and has prebiotics to increase efficacy. Prebiotics are fibers that act as food for the prebiotics. It is Non-GMO and allergic free as it does not contain wheat and diary. It ensures you digestive system is healthy and strong.


  • It contains 5o billion colony forming units , which is an upgrade from the regular 10-15 CFUs from other brands
  • Its capsule is designed to be delayed release capsules hence availing a high amount of CFUs to your gut
  • It has prebiotic which act as food for the probiotics 


  • It is a bit expensive
  • Many people still do not believe that the probiotic strain composition is true


Pure Therapro Rx Saccharomyces Boulardii

C.difficile infection can be quite detrimental to one’s health, especially for the old hospitalized patients. Moreover, its treatment can also be very expensive, however probiotics have provided a much cheaper solution to ensure recover and the Pure Therapro might just be the one.

This probiotic flaunts the use of Saccharomyces boulradii which is one of the probiotic strains that have been lauded for their effectiveness in treating C.difficile related diarrhea caused by the intake of antibiotics. It has 10 billion colony forming units per serving.

Its capsules have been designed to survive extreme conditions such as high temperatures and acidity. It is antibiotic resistance to ensure that the bacteria in your gut are balanced for a healthy digestive system. It is Non-GMO and maintains its contents for 2 years without refrigeration.


  • Has 10 billion colony forming units in each 250mg capsule to improve the health condition of your digestive system
  • The capsules are designed to endure bile juice, gastric acid and high temperatures
  • It is safe and effective as it is Non-GMO and gluten free


  • It has awful side effects
  • Some customers have had no change after taking this supplement


DrFormulas Nexabiotic 23 Probiotics for Women and Men

Antibiotics are generally taken to help the body fight against bacteria, and their benefits cannot be ignored. Except they also kill the good bacteria in your gut leading to an increase in the bad bacteria like C.difficile. But DrFormulas Nexabiotic probiotics solves this by balancing those bacteria.

This probiotic has a total of 23 probiotic strains to improve digestive system health. Its two leading probiotic strains are B Infantis and Saccharomyces boulradii, they have undergone various scientific studies and found to be beneficial to your digestive system health.

Capsules are usually subjected to extreme conditions when exposed to stomach acid, however this is not the case for the DrFormulas Nexabiotic probiotic as it has delayed release capsule to guarantee the 34.5 billion colony forming units safely camp at the intestines.


  • Contains 34.5 billion colony forming units per two servings and 23 probiotic strains for a maximum health benefit to your digestive system
  • It contains delayed release capsules that are able to withstand the acidity in the stomach
  • It does not require refrigeration like other probiotics


  • It is not good for those suffering from IBS
  • It is a bit pricey


Biotics Saccharomyces Boulradii Probiotic Supplement

The Biotics brand has been in existence for the past 40 years, in this time it has solidified its place in the industry by perfecting a myriad of nutritional products, so the venture into probiotic supplements was not its first rodeo and hasn’t been disappointing either.

It contains the probiotic strain saccharomyces boulardii which has been scientifically proven to be beneficial to one’s gastrointestinal health. The strain contains 4 billion colony forming units per serving which is smaller than the CFUs of the probiotics in this list but it works pretty well.

It is great at replenishing the good bacteria in your gut to combat various issues with your digestive system like C.difficile. This probiotic is able to offer resistance to antibiotics and also withstand the acidity in your stomach, it is also GMP certified hence very safe and effective.


  • Contains 4 billion colony forming unit that improve your gastrointestinal health and general well-being
  • It is designed to withstand the extreme conditions in your stomach like temperature and acidity
  • It works well at combating C.difficile associated bacteria caused by the intake of bacteria


  • It leads results in nausea for some people
  • It is relatively pricey

Things to Consider When Buying Probiotics for C.difficile

Clostridium difficile is an infection caused by an imbalance of the microbiome in the gut, due to the intake of antibiotics. The gut contains a lot of bacteria, these bacteria consist of bad and harmful bacteria, are living in a balanced state to keep your gut healthy.

However, antibiotics taken to treat various illnesses can offset this balance by killing the good bacteria, this leaves your gut susceptible to an attack from the C.difficile bacteria which eventually leads to an infection.
Research has shown that C.difficile infection mostly takes place in hospitals where patients are confided with the horrid possibility of even getting the infection from the health workers. But study of probiotics has certainly been helpful to find strains that are able to treat the infection.

Although research is still ongoing probiotics have only been given a 50% success rate at eliminating C.difficile, the future is rather promising and you can be sure that more probiotics strains will be studied to help in the fight against C.difficile.

Probiotics have become heaven sent for people suffering from gastrointestinal disorders, they alleviate symptoms from different conditions. So you must ensure to buy the best probiotic for C.difficile, here are some factors you should consider before making that purchase.

The Colony Forming Units

Colony Forming Units (CFUs) is the number of living cultures in the probiotic that help in colonizing your gut to replenish the good bacteria hence putting back the barrier that protects your gut from various ailments.

Products have different numbers of CFUs per serving, so it is important to note the number when buying the probiotic supplement. The standard number is 10-15 billion colony forming units as you will notice from many products.

There are other products that offer 50-100 billion CFUs. The number of colony forming units doesn’t necessary determine the overall quality of the probiotics, in fact some people have stated that they experienced side effects upon taking probiotics with a lot of CFUs.

But you must also note that people have different reactions to probiotics. So it is safer to start with 10-15 probiotics or even less, and slowly upgrade to 50 and eventually 100 billion CFUs. The only works if you monitor your progress to determine if the probiotics are working.

Let’s not forget that it’s a dirty world out there, and a number of probiotic brands have been known to lie about the number of CFUs, so it is always best to consult your friends and read some reviews to know if the product is really worth buying.

Another aspect that is intrinsically connected with the CFUs is the packaging. If you want a good probiotic, make sure it is in a glass bottle. A plastic bottle is a no no since CFUs get lost when exposed to heat, moisture and air.

The Capsules

Sure, to the ordinary person buying their supplements capsules don’t present any serious challenges, so people don’t usually bear a hint of doubt in the quality or state of the capsules they are buying as long as the medicine works right!

But I don’t want you to be the ordinary! So here is the deal, most manufactures tend to use bulky agents and fillers on their capsules to make you think you are getting your money’s worth. However, some fillers like magnesium stearate have been said to be harmful.

Which hasn’t been scientifically confirmed but you can never be too sure. So you can go with capsules with no fillers or bulking agents just to be on the safe side. Ensure the capsules are also coated.
A lot of manufactures are jumping on the wave of delayed release capsules so that’s probably a good indication. These capsules basically delay the release of the probiotic strain until they are past the stomach acid, then they release.

So stomach acid resistant capsules is definitely the way to go. Since you want to make sure they don’t get dissolved in the stomach acid and end up losing all their value. When they are resistant to the acidity in your stomach, the CFUs safely reach their destination.

Shelf Life

You want to make sure you can store the probiotics at room temperature for a long time while maintaining their integrity. Some companies use a freeze drying technology that keeps the probiotics fresh and efficient.

So before buying your supplement you should peruse through the details in order to know the shelf life of the probiotics. Some have a shelf life of 2-3 years without refrigeration, which is good since the CFUs will not get lost to moisture and especially heat.

Ah yes! I almost forgot, you should be very keen on the expiry date. This is to ensure the probiotic expire soon. You can never be too sure these days, you can trace the expiry date on the label or packaging.
Benefits of Probiotics

Like I have already said, there are extensive scientific researches that have explored the scope of probiotics towards gastrointestinal health. So, far the results are good and hopeful for some digestive issues.

C.difficile is one of those issues, there are some probiotic strains that have been ascertained to have positive effects towards reducing the chances of C.difficile for people taking antibiotics. But let’s take a look at the general benefits of probiotics.

They Balance The Bacteria in your Gut

This is one of the most important benefits of probiotics. Generally, your gut contains a trillion living organism collectively termed as gut microbiome. Research has categorized them into bad and good bacteria.

The health of your digestive system is based on the balance of these bacteria. But some factors like antibiotics, diet and illness can offset this balance leading to the increased numbers of bad bacteria that leave your gut vulnerable to infections.

This is where probiotics come in, they are able to replenish the good bacteria in your gut hence restoring balance and barricading your gut from digestive issues such as diarrhea, IBS, antibiotics related diarrhea, bloating and constipation.

They Can Improve Your Mental State 

There are some researches that show that your mental health can be influenced by the condition of your digestive system. Furthermore, the use of probiotics has been widely paraded as a satisfying solution to reduce some mental health conditions.

Some of the conditions linked to poor gut health include depression, stress and obsessive compulsive disorder. This benefit is easily be appreciated by anyone who has experienced digestive system issues, like diarrhea or bloating.

They not only have a cloud of stigma above them but are very burdening and stressful. So the fact the probiotics especially multi-strains help in reducing mental health conditions is a relief to so many people.

They Promote Heart Health

Heart health is integral to everyone’s existence, poor heart health is caused by various factors, including conditions you are born with. But the most common cause is when cholesterol build ups in your arteries, blocking the passage of blood.

There are some ways you could keep your heart healthy like exercising regularly and your diet also plays a large part in the overall health of our heart. Studies have also shown that probiotics might come in handy in keeping your heart healthy.

How does it help your heart? Well, since cholesterol plaques are dangerous to your heart, probiotics help by breaking down bile juice and hence preventing its reabsorption into the blood stream as cholesterol. Colony forming units also help in reducing blood pressure.

They Reduce Allergic Reactions and Eczema

There isn’t sufficient evidence to fully support the claim that probiotics help in reducing allergic reactions. But this is only because of the inconsistency witnessed in various trial results, but researchers believe that the premise is very promising.

On the other hand, there has been countless positive results on the use of probiotics to treat eczema. Some customers even claimed they bought probiotics, fully unaware of its function in treating eczema, only to be shocked with the results.

Bottom line is probiotics are great for your skin, this is why so many probiotic skin care products are suddenly popping up from nowhere. Since manufactures are trying to capitalize on the benefits of probiotics as much as they can

Probiotics Strengthen Your Immune System

Your immune system is largely dictated by your gut health, geez I know right your gut seems to be calling all the shots! So when probiotics are taken to balance the bacteria in your gut, they prevent inhibit the growth of bad bacteria, keeping your immune system intact.

Probiotics Help You Lose Weight

Although this fact has only been attributed to some probiotic strains it is worth appreciating. Probiotics may contain prebiotics which act as food to help the probiotics in functioning. Prebiotics help in keeping your belly full.

This is the reason that you are likely to feel full when you drink yogurt. This helps in burning more calories, studies have shown that plus sized people have a large number of bad bacteria compared to thin people.

Best Probiotic for C-Diff Recovery

Florastor Daily Probiotic Supplement for Men & Women -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
Vitamin Bounty Pro 50 with Prebiotics4.8 out of 5 stars
Pure Therapro Rx Saccharomyces Boulardii4.6 out of 5 stars
DrFormulas Nexabiotic 23 Probiotics for Women and Men4.4 out of 5 stars
Biotics Saccharomyces Boulradii Probiotic Supplement4 out of 5 stars


We have come to the end of our journey, I hope this article was informative and that you will be able to apply this information when choosing a probiotic for C.difficile recovery. You don’t want a product that isn’t going to produce results.

You can pick out one of the probiotics in the above list. All of them are worthy contenders for the best probiotic for C.difficile but Florastor Daily Probiotic Supplement for Men & Women easily takes the crown.

It has 100 capsules in the packaging, with each capsule containing 250 mg of Saccharomyces boulardii. You must take note that Saccharomyces boulardii is one of the top rated probiotic strains against C.difficile infection.

It strengthens your immune system and balances the healthy bacteria in your gut. It has an all-natural ingredient list and is non-GMO. Florastor Daily Probiotic has a shelf life of 3 years which is rather impressive, you want to be healthy so bad, choose Florastor Daily Probiotic!

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