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Constipation is a condition characterized by reduced bowel movements and when they do happen, they are usually tough. For a healthy person, bowel movements can occur two times in a day or a couple of times in a week.

Is constipation a serious problem? According to Medscape 12 % of people suffer from constipation worldwide but it’s not a very serious condition though it does bring with it a load of discomfort and irritability when it comes to bowel movements.

Are you experiencing constipation? If you are not sure the symptoms may include; fewer bowel movements that keep on reducing each passing moment, it becomes very hectic and hard to go, you can experience hard or small stools and stomach bloating.

But worry not, because there is a solution to relieve you from this nightmare and leave you grinning from ear to ear, Probiotics! These are living microorganisms that help in balancing the friendly bacteria in the digestive system.

Since your gut microbiome contains a number of micro-organisms both harmful and good, probiotics help to provide a much-needed balance between these bacteria. This goes ahead to increase contraction of gut muscles and eventually your bowel movements.

Take a sneak peek at the top five probiotics for constipation compiled for your choosing!

Best Probiotic for Constipation List


1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum

This probiotic is like a rainbow gleaming in the horizon with its magnificence! It helps to eliminate constipation, provide easy bowel movement and make your stools soft. For a start it contains 11 probiotic strains that have been clinically studied and approved to ensure efficiency.

With each serving of the 11 probiotic strains there are 51 billion Colony Forming Units which are the living micro-organisms that go a long way to replenishing the friendly bacteria in your gut! It also has a Nutraflora fiber which mainly works to promote the functioning of the strains.

The 1MD complete Probiotic Platinum is very efficient and aims to not only improve your immune system but to generally improve digestion keeping issues with constipation at bay! The once daily capsule is designed to delay release hence delivering more CFU to the gut.


  • It uses delayed release technology on the capsule to help in avoiding stomach acid and ensuring maximum amount of CFU is delivered to your gut.
  • It improves digestion.
  • It contains 11 probiotic strains that have been clinically proven to be effective.


  • It offers a faulty packaging that might lead to the loss of CFU
  • This probiotic is extremely expensive 


Culturelle Daily Probiotic

Do you wish to finally ease your child’s bowel movements? Are you going through a tough time yourself? Then do not fret because to your aid comes not the great superman, but something even better the Culturelle Daily Probiotic! A probiotic that guarantees your overall wellbeing.

With the study of the benefits of probiotics progressing with each passing day. This probiotic offers you nothing but the best, it is manufactured from the number one proven probiotic strain Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG to help you eliminate those frustrating constipation problems.

It is a vegetarian probiotic meaning it is made from an all-natural list of ingredients that are devoid of gluten, milk soy, wheat and any preservative or additives that might worsen your constipation. Research has also shown the incredible ability of LGG to withstand stomach acid.


  • This probiotic is safe and effective as it is manufactured from vegetables .
  • The strain, Lactobacillus rhamnosus has been proven to withstand stomach acid through various vigorous clinical trials and is hence able to reach the gut and start working.
  • It helps in keeping the general health of your digestive system at the highest level possible


  • The presence of lactobacilli is highly doubted
  • The capsules are not very efficient


Garden of Life Raw Probiotics Ultimate Care

Constipation can results from a varied of issues including; stress, the diet, family history and even pregnancy. With the statistics showing that people of educational class are mostly susceptible to it. There is a need to find a viable solution, that’s where Garden of life comes in.

The most admirable factor about this probiotic is its attitude towards ensuring that all the ingredients are purely natural and NON-GMO hence straying away from the widespread and harmful wave of chemicals. Hence probiotics are not cooked or laced with any additives.

It has 34 probiotic strains, which are then served up by 100 billion CFU which is the highest number of Colony Forming Units currently found in the market to provide efficacy and ensure your general well-being! These two factors are able to enormously boost the immune system.


  • The probiotics are RAW making them 100 % safe and effective.
  • Both the 100 million CFU and 34 probiotic strains help in increasing the strength of the immune system
  • This probiotic is also very pocket friendly 


  • It packaged in a plastic bottle with leads to the loss of the helpful living microorganisms once exposed to heat.
  • It has a very sour taste


Wholesome Wellness Organic Probiotics 100 Billion CFU

This probiotic is a bundled up treat that should be dropped from the chimney as a Christmas present. It’s harbors tons of benefits that include; boosting the immune system, promoting regularity, increasing nutrient absorption and lending an helping hand in weight management.

One of the best features of Wholesome Wellness is its bottle which is designed to provide longer shelf life by battling conditions like heat and air to preserve the helpful CFUs. Talking about CFUs it has 100 billion of them and 34 probiotic strains to provide you with maximum benefit.

That is just the beginning, the icing on the cake is the availability of prebiotics that act as food for the probiotic hence increasing its rate of repopulating to replenish the friendly bacteria in the gut! This probiotic will reduce constipation and help with gas, bloating relief and weight loss.


  • It contains prebiotics and digestive enzymes that promote the activity of the probiotics and hence reducing constipation.
  • Contains 34 probiotic strains that are high potency .
  • It has a shelf stable technology that prevents the loss of crucial CFUs .


  • This probiotic is a bit pricey
  • Some customers have complained about missing safety seals on the bottles.


Vitamin Bounty Pro 50 Probiotic

Vitamin Bounty Probiotic thrives on the motto of a natural process to triumph over its competition. This has made it a trustable brand fully committed to producing results that are unhindered and unaltered! For instance it doesn’t employ the use of fillers bulk its capsules.

It contains 50 billion living organisms per saving of the 13 probiotic strains to alleviate symptoms of constipation and improve your whole digestive health. It employs the delayed release technology to ensure that more CFU are delivered in the gut for maximum efficiency.

If you have had a run into the various medicines circulating the market then you must have noticed how much the manufactures stuff them with chemicals. However, with the vitamin Bounty Pro 50 you are guaranteed tested NON-GMO ingredients that don’t have wheat or milk.


  • To ensure that the capsules are no destroyed by stomach acid , it uses a delayed release method to deliver as much CFUs to the gut as possible.
  • It is manufactured from NON-GMO ingredients hence safe and effective
  • It is very efficient with 50 billion CFU and 13 probiotic strains.


  • It is one of the most expensive probiotics in the market
  • The potency and viability of the strains cannot be sufficiently guaranteed

Things to Consider

Constipation is a common problem among children and adults across the globe. However, there is no universally accepted drugs that can be used to treat the condition. As a result, people resort to other means including use of probiotics.

The problem comes in when trying to settle for the right probiotic that is best placed to effectively treat your constipation. This is because the efficacy of different strains of probiotics vary from each other.
In this article, I wish to engage you and endeavor to provide you with a few tips on what to consider before settling for a probiotic.


The Cause of the Constipation

Constipation can come about as a result of various things. These includes: pregnancy, medications and childhood constipation. Certain probiotics may be more effective in ensuring improved bowel movements as opposed to others.

A point in case is constipation caused by chemotherapy and that caused by other by antidepressants or even narcotics.

Research has shown that there is a higher tendency for probiotics to improve constipation that is occasioned by chemotherapy, but there is no evidence showing that it would be effective where constipation is caused by narcotics.

Therefore, the cause of constipation is a vital aspect to consider when trying to weigh whether to get probiotics to improve your constipation.


The Strain of Bacteria Contained in the Probiotic

Although there is an endless list of fermented foods and supplements with live probiotics that can be of importance to improve your bowel movements, some of them turn out to be more effective than others.

The difference is brought about by various reasons, one of which is the strain of bacteria that is contained in the probiotic. You may want to go for probiotics with the best strains of bacteria.

These strains include:
Bifidobacterium lactis
This is a probiotic bacteria that has been shown to be residing in the gut. Put differently, it is a very dominant bacteria that is often found in the intestines and the colon in enormous numbers.
You may want to go for a probiotic with this strain of bacteria, as research has shown that it is effective in breaking down the human body waste.

Consequently, it plays a crucial rule in absorption of minerals and vitamins by the body, thereby ensuring that there is regular bowel movements and reduced constipation. It is found in raw milk among other probiotic supplements.

Lactobacillus plantarum
If you want an effective probiotic, supplements and foods with lactobacillus plantarum may be your answer. This is a strain of probiotic bacteria that is naturally available in fermented food products, such as sauerkraut. Alternatively, it is also readily available through diet supplements.
Studies have pointed towards the fact that lactobacillus plantarum has exceptional elements that make it a unique strain, effective in improving constipation.

One of these elements is its ability to stick to the intestinal mucosa and as a result increase the number of important bacteria in your gut. It is found in foods such as fermented milk.
Streptococcus thermophilus

It is a powerful bacterial strain that has a number of confirmed and well-researched health benefits. Often, streptococcus thermophiles, like many other stains of probiotic bacteria, resides in the colon.

It is always consumed in dairy products that are fermented, the most common type being yoghurt and cheese. Studies have shown that it has wide digestive and immunity benefits, among them improving constipation.

In your endeavor to settle for the most effective probiotic, it is important that you give those probiotics with this kind of bacterial strain some priority.

Lactobacillus reuteri
This is a probiotic bacterium that has been widely vouched for. It is commonly found in breast milk, the skin, the gastrointestinal tract and the urinary tract.

It has been found to be of great importance to the human body, performing roles such as the preventing inflammatory diseases and decreasing the translocation of microbes from the gut to body tissues.

In addition, it reduces constipation thus improving the bowel movements. If you are looking for an effective probiotic, those with lactobacillus reuteri should form part of your options. You may not regret your choice!

Bifidobacterium longum
Finally, this is a probiotic bacterium that is occasionally added to food products. The bacteria produces lactic acid, and research has shown that one of the advantages of this is that it prevents pathogenic organisms from growing in the human body.

Further, it is also vital in improving childhood constipation. According to studies conducted, this form of bacteria mostly colonizes an infant’s gastrointestinal tract, and has a percentage of up to ninety percent.

Therefore, probiotics with this strain of bacteria will be most effective when the case concerned is that of children with constipation, and this is an important aspect to consider.


The Capacity To Exert Clear Benefits In The Host

Before settling for a particular probiotic, you should be able to carry out a review of the scientific studies that have been done about your particular option.

For instance, a review of some studies has shown that probiotics stand a chance to improve constipation occasioned by medications such as iron pills and certain cancer treatments.

However, there are little or no studies showing that the same probiotics are likely to improve constipation that is brought about by the use of medications such as antidepressants and narcotics.

In effect, this therefore means that the capacity of probiotics to exert clear beneficial advantages to the host in the former case is limited, and you should consider finding an alternative form of treatment.


The Duration It Takes For Changes To Manifest

Different probiotics take different durations to bring about an increased stool frequency and regular bowel movements.

In essence, this therefore means that those probiotics that take a shorter time turn out to be more efficacious than those that take a long duration of time to bring about changes.
The duration often varies from about three to twelve weeks. You are advised to first of all stick to a particular probiotic for a given period of time before changing to another, just to be sure which one works best for you.

The capacity to survive in the gastrointestinal tract
In your quest to select the best probiotic to improve your constipation, you should consider how well it is adapted to survive in the gastrointestinal tract.

For instance, probiotics with among others, Lactobacillus plantarum have the ability to stick to the intestinal mucosa thereby increasing the number of important bacteria in the gut.

This therefore means that they have a higher tendency to survive in the gastrointestinal tract for a long duration of time. Consequently, they are likely to be more effective in relieving constipation that other probiotics with a low survival capacity.

Resistance to gastric acids
This is a prerequisite for qualifying to be an efficacious probiotic. The effectiveness is gauged from the high resistance to gastric acids, as well as from the ability to survive in environments that have low PH and many enzymes.

A case in point would be probiotics with Bifidobacterium longum, which has been found to have an extremely high tolerance for gastric acid and bile juice, implying that they are better placed to survive the gastrointestinal tract.

In a nutshell, you should be certain that the probiotic you are settling for will be able to survive in the harsh environments in your gut, and thereby able to perform the vital role of improving constipation.

Are there any disadvantages connected with probiotics?
As a general rule, success more often comes at a cost. In a like manner, probiotics may be an effective natural remedy for curing constipation, but they do have some downsides. The good news however, is that the pros of using probiotics do outweigh the cons associated with the same.

The article takes you through some of the possible disadvantages that are intertwined with the use of probiotics.

Digestive problems
If you are a beginner, you may experience a couple of digestive problems in your early stages of using probiotics. However, these problems are not so fatal! They are minor issues that include stomach cramps, nausea, gas and occasionally, a running stomach.

However, studies have shown that with the continued use of these probiotics, the above mentioned side effects gradually disappear, and the advantages of having used the probiotics become clear.

This is not a big issue that should get you worrying.

Risks of infection
For persons who already have a weak immune system, consumption of probiotics is likely to expose them to higher chances of developing an infection. The weighing scale here does not shift balance, it shifts to either side.

In as much as you stand a chance to experience regular bowel movements, you also face a risk of further compromising your health.

As a result, it is advised that persons with known health conditions restrain themselves from using probiotics until and after they seek medical advice from a healthcare professional. This will ensure you prevent unnecessary illnesses.

Some probiotic foods such as fermented yoghurts contain substances called amines, which trigger the central nervous system or occasion a decreased or increased blood flow.

On the extreme side, amines may lead to persons who are sensitive to the substances experiencing headaches or migraines.


Increased Histamine Levels

One of the effects of some bacterial strains found in probiotic supplements is that once inside the digestive tract of human beings, they cause a rise in the levels of histamine.

Consequently, there is a dilation of blood vessels and blood flows to the affected area, causing it to swell, or bringing about allergic reactions such as itchiness, running nose, breathing difficulties and watery eyes. 

Best Probiotic for Constipation List


Constipation can occur in anyone, from an adult to a child. In both cases it leads to fewer bowel movements, hard stool and irritability that arises from the constant need to poop but to not avail once you go to the bathroom.

It can occur during pregnancy due the levels of hormones fluctuating and can also be caused by taking a number of medications like iron pills and antidepressants. But the main issues that are proven to cause constipation include a poor diet lacking in fiber foods and stress.

But probiotics have guaranteed to make you whole again and reduce if not eliminate constipation, it will be like it never existed to you! But picking the best probiotic from the bunch isn’t exactly a no-brainer and might be a bit of a pickle.

Hence I suggest that you go for Garden of Life Raw Probiotics. It has natural and NON-GMO ingredients for your general well-being. It has 34 probiotic strains, which are then served up by 100 billion CFU. It helps to boost the Immune system and keep you healthy.

All in all, if you are on the search for a great probiotic alleviate your constipation or simply make all your digestive issues go away, Then Garden of Life Raw Probiotics is the best product to start with I assure you it will not disappoint!

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