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What is IBS? It is a condition that causes issues in the digestive system by warranting the unorthodox movement of food from the stomach through the intestines to the rectum. Normally this food is transported by a regular rhythmic contraction of the muscles in the gut.

However, IBS disrupts this whole process by either causing the rapid contraction of muscles or slowing it down, with both incidences causing digestive issues. These issues range from constipation and diarrhea to much broader IBS symptoms.

Thus IBS has been a horrid thorn in the lives of many people invading your system and making you days and nights uncomfortable. However, though scientists haven’t found a certified cure for IBS, the use of probiotics has increased over the years to alleviate the symptoms of IBS.

Do you wish to reduce the symptoms of this condition and finally have some peace of mind? Then you should be gearing up to jump on the probiotics bandwagon, because it already took off! What are probiotics then?

Probiotic is considered to be a “friendly bacteria” that is induced into the human body to provide a bacterial balance and health benefits for the host. The gut lining is filled with different strains of bacteria and once an imbalance sets in that’s when it becomes dark and gloomy!

Though this is a field yet to be understood, researchers are working day and night to fully comprehend the nature of IBS, in a bid to find a backdoor that will vanquish this condition. But meanwhile you can take a look at the top five probiotics to keep you steady!

Best Probiotic for IBS List


1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum with Prebiotic Fiber

Due to the uncertainty and inability to pinpoint the all the strains of bacteria at this point by researchers. The 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum offers a worthy palate designed to maximum the health benefits.

It brings to the table a great deal of 11 bacterial strains that will combat the digestive issues in both men and women. It also strives to be an effective supplement by offering 51 Billion CFUs per capsule.

The capsules on this probiotic are designed for late release to effectively reach their destination without being absorbed by stomach acid. This probiotic also aids in improving digestion by maintain a balance of the crucial bacteria in your gut.


  • It helps to improve digestion
  • It greatly boosts the immune system
  • Delays before release so that it is not lost in the stomach acid.


  • This product is very expensive
  • There has been complains from some customers that the packaging was not good


Culturelle Daily Probiotic

This probiotic is the next great step toward improving your health and that of your children! Amid all the hype about probiotics lays those that are certified and guaranteed to bring an immense change to your body and Culturelle Daily Probiotic is up there on the list!

It is manufactured from Lactobacillus rhamnosus which is the most effective and clinically studied strain. It helps in combating a number of issues like diarrhea, gas and bloating by balancing the bacteria in the gut.

This probiotic is manufactured from an all-natural ingredient moving away from the medical norm that has harbored chemicals and preservatives for a while now. You will also be happy to know that Lactobacillus rhamnosus is able to withstand stomach acid!


  • It is manufactured from an effective proven probiotic strain
  • It is manufactured from all natural ingredients hence it is safe and effective
  • It does not require any refrigeration


  • There has been claims that it doesn’t contain any viable lactobacilli
  • There has been complains about faulty capsules


Garden of Life RAW Probiotics Ultimate Care Shelf

If there was a ranking chart, this probiotic would definitely topple the competition and fly sky high, as a result of its insurmountable health benefits when it comes to stomach upsets. It works magic when it comes to bacterial balance, bringing beneficial bacteria to your gut.

It contains 100 billion CFU and a whopping 34 probiotic strains that includes but not limited to; Lactobacillus acidophilus, paracasei, brevis and bulgaricus. With a once daily intake, this probiotic goes the mile to ensure that you have the immune boost you so dearly need.

Since IBS is mainly caused by an increased number of harmful bacteria, this probiotic replenishes the beneficial bacteria to reduce to reduce IBS symptoms. It is gluten free, vegetarian and lacking any fillers or carriers.


  • Greatly replenishes the beneficial bacteria in your gut
  • It contains uncooked probiotics hence is very safe
  • It is quite affordable


  • It has an awful taste
  • There has been major complains about the plastic bottle packaging that can easily get hot


Wholesome Wellness RAW Probiotic

This incredible probiotic has raked up quite the number of customers due to its shelf stability. Considering the fact that the beneficial bacteria get lost when they experience a long shelf life. This probiotic has proven to be the outlier by being shelf stable and preserving the CFU.

It is manufactured from purely natural vegetable ingredients, so there is no binders, soy, milk, egg, preservatives or additives. It is a once daily supplement to arm you with the necessary boost required to warn off any digestive issues.

It has 34 probiotic strains that include: lactobacillus acidophilus, casei, paracasei, salivarius and many more. It contains digestive enzymes and prebiotic fiber to provide a general health benefit to the gut.


  • It contains NON-GMO vegan probiotics
  • It comes with a whopping 34 stains of probiotic
  • It is doctor approved hence safe and effective


  • There has been complains that the product came with a missing safety seal
  • It is a bit expensive


Vitamin Bounty Pro 50 Probiotic with Prebiotic

When it comes to efficacy, I would have to say that the name Vitamin Bounty bears that mark as if its life depended on it. This probiotic serves up 50 billion beneficial bacteria to emerge as a favorable contender in the search for the best probiotic in the market.

Though it doesn’t compare to most of the other probiotics in this list when it comes to the number of strains. It still ends up as an effective probiotic with 13 probiotic strains coming to soothe your pain and stress.

It is designed so that the capsule is delayed to escape the wrath of stomach acid hence ensuring safe camp at the intestines. It is freeze-dried to ensure that the ingredients are kept fresh and thus maximizing their benefit.


  • It has delayed release capsules to maximize efficacy
  • The ingredients used to manufacture this probiotic are NON-GMO hence safe and effectiveIt flushes everything out in the morning hence very efficient


  • It is expensive
  • Its probiotic strain composition has been questioned by some people

How To Ensure You Buy The Best Probiotic

Research shows that one out of five people suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). This condition can be extremely stressful as it is characterized by gas, diarrhea, constipation and don’t even get me started on the discomfort.

Due to its slow grinding and mildly stigmatizing nature, most people suffer through it in silence. Eventually seeking help when the condition they face proves not to be a passing cloud. So by the time they acknowledge it, IBS already possesses raging symptoms.

Since the body mainly contains both helpful and harmful bacteria, the balance between the two is extremely important to maintain a stable health. In the case of IBS, once this balance is threatened by the increase of harmful bacteria then its downhill from there.

But over the years medical researchers have been working tirelessly hoping for a breakthrough that will finally put the troubling nature of IBS to rest. Hence the exploration of probiotics has been a tremendous blessing worldwide.

The research is still ongoing and probiotics aren’t a proven cure for IBS yet, but is a start and that’s why anyone taking probiotics to relieve IBS symptoms is required to regularly monitor their symptoms and general health.

But this doesn’t stop us from describing probiotics as the light at the end of a dark and terrifying tunnel, as a number of probiotic strains have proven to be very effective after vigorous clinical studies.

Hence if you are planning to venture into this journey , I have a number of tip and tricks that will safely guide your compass towards the right probiotic to help in relieving your IBS symptoms and perhaps bring a smile across your face , they include;

Be sure to check for the right amount of Colony Forming Units (CFU)

Colony Forming Units is the number of live and active micro-organisms in the probiotic or you might simply describe them as the number of beneficial bacteria that strive to replenish the bacteria in your digestive tract once ingested.

You have to check for the right amount of CFU that are in the probiotics since this equates to effectiveness of the probiotic. Though most successful clinical trials have recommended 10-15 billion CFU for anyone starting on a probiotic dose.

The scientific details are still not clear, as I have said the field of certifying probiotics as a cure for IBS is still underway buy if you can start off with 10-15 billion CFUs then scale the heights while monitoring their effect.

This is considerably safe, especially since a number of probiotics in the market are boasting 50-100 billion CFUs. You must also consider the packaging of the probiotic since it goes a long way towards indicating the number of CFUs.

This is because they are highly sensitive and can reduce in number when exposed to heat, moisture, air and light. Hence you should go for a tightly sealed glass bottle to assure you of the shelf-life of the Colony Forming Units.

Go for the right probiotic strain for your IBS

The studying how effective probiotics are when it comes to IBS has been a daunting task masked with uncertainty, confusion and tireless escapades. But there are some strains of probiotics that have been clinically studied and approved so far.

So before you buy probiotics you have to make sure that it has the right strain that will be able to alleviate IBS symptoms. Here are some of the strains that look quite promising to finally provide the much needed silver lining.

  • Lactobacillus acidophilus- this is the most commonly used strain, it greatly reduces bloating and abdominal pains and is certain to have an overall positive effect on the health of your digestive tract.
  • Lactobacillus reuteri- This strain helps to reduce the growth of harmful bacteria and is very great at boosting the immune system.
  • Bilidobacterium infantis-apart from producing essential vitamins, this strain assists in forming a barrier made up of energy cells in the gut.
  • Bilidobacterium bifidum- it greatly reduces the peskiest symptom of IBS, which is the need to regularly visit the bathroom, and the visit itself availing nothing.

The capsules should be coated

The capsules should be coated to ensure that they won’t get swallowed up by stomach acid. In all honesty they should be equipped to ride that train all the way to the intestines winning the duel against a most worthy opponent.

But most probiotics in the market have gotten very innovative by supplying delayed release capsules that are able to avoid the stomach acid and successfully maximize their efficacy by setting up camp at the intestines.

Look at the Shelf life

When buying probiotics, you are concerned with the potency of two factors; strain and CFU. However, making the mistake of choosing a probiotic with a low shelf life can easily cause dissipate these factors into thin air never to be seen again.

For one, you must make sure that the probiotic was refrigerated .Then it is recommended to buy one in a glass bottle so as to be sure that the Common Forming Units (CFUs) will not get lost easily.
Then the last precautionary measure you should take is checking to ensure the expiry date is far away. This might sound like an easy task needing ordinary common sense, but you’d be surprised to hoe many people have fallen prey to even expired probiotics!

Read the ingredients

Once again you need to thoroughly scrutinize the bottle and label not only to check the expiry date but also the ingredients that have been used. You need the safe and effective ingredients that will soothe your heart before you even buy it.

So it is perhaps important that you stay clear of any GMO ingredients or generally any product that is stuffed with chemicals since there is no telling what might trigger your IBS. If you carefully check the label, you will be edging closer to the right probiotic for your IBS.

Benefits of Probiotics

Probiotics are rapidly advancing as the go-to product for relieving IBS symptoms and this wave doesn’t seem like dying anytime soon. But here is a thorough descriptions of the general benefits of probiotics.

They help balance the friendly bacteria in the digestive tract

The gut is made of thousands of microorganism, mainly called gut microbiota. These microorganism are well balanced to provide a stable functioning. But an imbalance of the good and bad bacteria leads a number of diseases including IBS.

So probiotic which is one of the ‘good guys’ helps to balance or rather replenish the good bacteria in the digestive tract hence bringing order and peace to your gut in general. Probiotics are mainly found in fermented foods like yoghurt.

They help in preventing and reducing bacteria

Diarrhea is a side effect of taking antibiotics as they offset the balance of good and bad bacteria. Diarrhea is also a symptom of IBS which causes great discomfort. Probiotics are able to treat this diarrhea and maintain the health of the host.

Help in improving some mental conditions

A number of conditions plaguing the gut, including IBS are widely attributed to mental issues like stress and anxiety. There has been a number of conclusive researches showing that conditioning different strains of probiotics combats depression, anxiety and OCD.

Mental health has of course been a worldwide conversation for some time how. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that medical researchers are exploring every angle they can to come to a long-lasting solution.

Helps in keeping your heart healthy

How does it do this? Well it helps in breaking down bile juice which is very key in digestion. To be more specific, bile juice widely consists of cholesterol. So breaking it down inhibits its reabsorption into the blood stream as cholesterol.

It helps in reducing a number of allergies and eczema

The research claiming that probiotics can some allergies is not strong enough to stand on its own but the coming years are looking brighter by the day! However its contribution to the treatment of eczema has been witnessed several times.

The itchy skin condition which mostly starts from childhood and then proceeds to run in the family has met its end in the hand of probiotics more than once. You can even read through the comments on some of the probiotic products to attest to this.

They help in boosting the immune system

Probiotics have been known to greatly boost the immune system by reducing the number of bad bacteria in the gut. This has gone as far as reducing the occurrence and increasing one’s fighting chances against respiratory infections.


How is IBS diagnosed?

IBS has several subtypes they include; IBS-D, IBS-C and IBS-M and IBS-U. However it can be diagnosed by checking the symptoms. Consistent pains in the stomach for at least 3 months should be a red alert followed by changes in the appearance of stool and pain during bowel movements.

What are Prebiotics for IBS?

Prebiotics are basically food for probiotics. Since probiotics are living microorganisms, they require to feed on prebiotics in order to facilitate their activities. Prebiotics are cannot be digested by the human body however.

Though the necessity for prebiotics might sound urgent, and it is! To ensure that probiotics are able to colonize the bacteria in the gut, but it is also important to note that the bad bacteria can also feed on prebiotics.

What is the best time of the day to take my probiotics and how often?

It is best to take your probiotics daily and most doses are so that you can at least take one capsule per day. As for the best time, according to research and advice from doctors you can take them after your meal we are talking about breakfast, lunch or dinner.

However, for maximum result you should probably take it with a meal. Since the meal acts as a shield to protect the capsule from stomach acid and ensure that a maximum number Common Forming Units make it your gut.

Am I Likely to notice the changes immediately?

Some issues like bloating and gas can be relieved within a short period but for a broader scope of improvement you might want to give the probiotics about two weeks before you can start to fully notice changes.

Best Probiotic for IBS


Being a gastrointestinal disorder, IBS brings with it worrying and gruesome symptoms than can drive anyone to a point of madness. The diarrhea, gas, bloating and constipation will all rain hell down on you wherever you are with a saddening cloud of discomfort and irritability.

However you no longer have to endure all this, you can simply purchase probiotics for IBS and be on your feet again grinning like a mime at his peak! Probiotics are guaranteed to relieve the IBS symptoms and boost your immune system.

I would highly recommend Wholesome Wellness RAW Probiotic if you want to avoid the overwhelming process of picking one desirable product. It is manufactured from all natural vegetable ingredients hence it is safe and effective.

It contains 34 probiotic strains that include: lactobacillus acidophilus, casei, paracasei, and salivarius to immensely maximize its efficacy. It is also able to preserve the CFUs, Wholesome Wellness RAW Probiotic gives you hope of a healthier and better life!

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