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Yoghurt is fermented milk that is soured and then thickened through the addition of probiotics. Although yoghurt is mostly taken as chosen scrumptious product to help you burn through some of the snacks in your pantry, it can be very beneficial to your health.

If you are experiencing issues with your digestive system that may be occasioned by a number of symptoms like bloating, gas, diarrhea and even constipation then yoghurt can be your go-to product to help in wiping out all these gruesome symptoms.

It is mainly induced with probiotics which are ‘friendly bacteria ‘and help in replenishing the good bacteria in your gut, preventing the bacteria from taking your gut hostage and generally boosting your immune system!

However the yoghurt aisle is filled with a plethora of yoghurt options to choose from, you can find some that have fat, not fat, extra fiber and others with added sugar substitutes. You won’t be able to just want to rush to the grocery store and grab the first yoghurt you see.

You have to pace yourself, hold back and carefully consider the specific yogurt you want to fully avail the benefits of probiotics in your body and better the health of your digestive system. Read through some of the best probiotic yogurts picked out selected for you to choose from below;

Best Probiotic Yogurt List


Dannon Activa Lowfat Yogurt, Strawberry & Blueberry Variety Pack

Are you ready to start a nutritious probiotic yogurt diet? Then I can think of no better place that with the Dannon Activa Lowfat Yogurt. It is infused with the delightful taste of strawberry and blueberry, each cup sends a savory chill down your tummy and leaves you wanting more!

This yogurt contains billions of live cultures that are guaranteed to fight off the cruel bad bacteria in your gut and alleviate all the discomfort that has been nothing but torturous to you and your family! It equips your body with calcium and vitamin D making you a picture of health!
If you are looking for an alternative to supplement probiotic pills then this yogurt does just that along with offering its scrumptious taste for your enjoyment! You can start consuming it twice a day and say bye bye to the minor discomforts cause by issues in your digestive system.


  • It has a savory taste of strawberry and blueberry to leave you wanting more with each cup you consume
  • It provides a number of minerals and vitamins to make you a picture of health
  • It contains billions of live cultures in every cup to promote the good bacteria in your gut


  • The expiration date is too close
  • Has an undesirable after taste


Chobani No-fat Greek Yogurt, Strawberry Blended 320z

Do you prefer the thicker yogurt from the less strained liquid one? Then you will definitely love everything the Chobani No-fat Greek yogurt stands for! It is made with an all-natural NON-GMO list of ingredients to bring you closer to Mother Nature with every gulp you take!

It is triple strained to make it thicker and with a substantial amount of proteins that rejuvenate your body, placing you on a healthy pedestal. To ensure you get a delectable serving it contains natural sweeteners like pure raw honey, evaporated can sugar and fruits like strawberry.

It doesn’t stop there to further quench your appetite is a smooth fruit layer beneath all that mouth watery thickness. It has been tested and found to be devoid of any GMO ingredients and to top it all it contains live and active cultures to bring your gut maximum health benefits.


  • Unlike other yogurts it is triple strained making it thicker and better
    It is a great protein source ,
  • providing at least 19g of protein serving per cup
  • It is a vegetarian yogurt made with an all-natural list of ingredients
  • veering away from the ranks of GMO products


  • It has a non-food after taste to it
  • It is relatively costly 


Stonyfield Organic Low Fat French Vanilla Yogurt 32oz

This vanilla yogurt is so heavenly that it will have you taking a moment to savor every bit of taste in it and eventually appreciating how beneficial it actually is. Stonyfield Organic Low Fat French Vanilla is a great option if you are looking to supplement your diet with probiotics.

It generally contains 32 ounces of smooth and organic savory yogurt for you to fill up on and ease your mind with its beneficial ingredients. The ingredients used to make this yogurt include; pasteurized organic low fat milk, organic can sugar and organic natural vanilla flavor.

It is induced with living cultures such as lactobacillus Bulgaricus, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Bifidus and Lactobacillus Paracasei to guarantee you a host of friendly bacteria in your gut that will ease the discomfort associated with bloating, gas and irritable bowel movements.


  • It is low fat and 1% milk hence a great option for any lactose intolerant consumer out there looking to replenish some good bacteria in their gut
  • Contains billions of probiotics per serving to relive you of any problems attacking your digestive system
  • It does not contain any GMO ingredients hence making it 100% safe and effective


  • It contains more liquid yogurt than the regular yogurt and might also not be a good option for anyone who likes thick yogurt
  • It is fat free with less sugar so it won’t be your cup of tea if you are into a lot of sugar


FAGE TOTAL 2% Plain Greek Yogurt 35.3 oz

This yogurt is thick and creamy for those who prefer to dance a little cha-cha-cha with the Greek strained yogurt kind! It is also a great protein source if you are looking to make your breakfast or dessert more nutritious and exciting. It can be served to the family for an awesome experience.

It is a certified GMO free product, harboring a fully health vegetarian diet. It is gluten free and contains calcium to promote strong bones and teeth. You don’t also have to worry that much as it does not contain any preservatives or additives that may be harmful to your health whatsoever.

The FAGE Total 2 % Greek yogurt can come pretty handy around the house if you wish to explore some new tastes and recipes with in your cooking. Along with billions of live bacteria that seek to better your immune system you also have the option of fresh fruit and toppings.


  • It offers you a vegetarian diet with the exclusion of GMO products that might put your health at risk
  • It can be used as an alternative to cream, mayonnaise, cream cheese and sour cream
  • It is a great protein source and is gluten free


  • Many people have claimed not to like the after taste that much
  • It is relatively pricey


Siggi’s Yogurt 2% Coconut 5.3 oz

This yogurt is formulated through the Scandinavian dairy traditions such as skyr which is the traditional Iceland yogurt. It is made by incubating skim milk with probiotics. It is then strained to become thicker and creamier as you will experience from the Siggi’s Yogurt 2% coconut.

This yogurt uses also made with pasteurized cream, coconut , can sugar , fruit pectin , lemon juice and the much delightful living active cultures , amounting to a fully nutritious probiotic product that helps in taking out the sting in the numerous problems associated with your gut.

It contains flavored varieties of 9-11g and prides itself for its natural sweetening ingredients that are a great pick for those who don’t like too much sugar. It is also the go-to yogurt for those who are lactose intolerant and would like a product that doesn’t plunge them into a den of suffering.


  • Its flavored varieties that have 9-11g to bring a wholesome product that you will most definitely love
  • It promotes healthy levels of blood glucose and blood pressure
  • It includes a myriad of benefits like proteins, calcium, vitamin D and potassium


  • It does not contain the coconut flavor as advertised
  • It is not the best choice for those who like a sweet sugar tasting yogurt

Things to consider before buying Probiotic Yogurt

Ever since the clinically study of probiotics and its benefits to the digestive system. A craze has been triggered, that is rapidly spreading across the globe, so all the yogurt product contain living cultures to help in combating problems like bloating, irritable bowel syndrome and gas.

But buying a yogurt product isn’t simply enough to set you off on a healthy diet you must keenly consider other factors to make sure that these benefits wholly accrue to your with no barriers whatsoever.

For instance you should know that some yogurt products are heated once fermented hence killing the living cultures in it. This makes the yogurt useless if you are looking to obtain friendly bacteria to replenish your good bacteria in your gut. Here are some factors to consider when shopping for probiotic yogurt.

The Fat and Milk Content

Like I said before the market is flooded with a bunch of yogurt products each bearing a significant feature meant to lure customers. And newer brands continue to chip from the ground each day so you owe it to yourself to carefully scrutinize their qualities.

Generally yogurt is made from whole, low fat or fat- free. So it is important to look at the label and get a clear picture of what you are buying and if it’s best suited to your body. If you are lactose intolerant then you can go for those made from non-diary sources.

These sources include; almond milk, hemp milk and coconut milk. If happen to be lactose intolerant and rush into picking the yogurt before checking the ingredients then what can I say? It’s your funeral!
Many people have developed a liking to low fat yogurt which is generally healthy but the flip side is that some of them are very sugary. This is mainly because the fat removed is substituted by adding sugar in a bid to eliminate the sour taste.

This doesn’t necessarily cover all the low fat yogurt products. Some like Greek yogurt maintain their standard formula of less sugar, which is why you are likely to hear tales about the sour taste of Greek yogurt.

Full fat yogurt is also an option since it has some benefits of its own like reducing inflammation, and minimizing the chances of heart diseases, improving blood pressure and also helps to fight off cancerous cells in your body.

Disclaimer! You should probably stay away from those products that are heated upon fermentation since the heat kills the friendly bacteria and you just end up with a delectable snack with no health benefits!

The Ingredients

Again, this all comes down to you. You know what you want and I am pretty sure you want a yogurt product that is pure and healthy. So be sure to check the label in order to familiarize yourself with the ingredients.

If you are physically shopping than this becomes very easy and efficient. But if you want to order your product then you might want to be extra careful. It’s not news that some brands have a tendency of false advertising the ingredients so you can follow up on the customer reviews.

Upon checking the label you will be conversant with the listed products and hence be able to make a decision from there on. You will decipher the protein, vitamin and sugar content from the ingredients on the labelling so it is important to be keen.

The Flavor

Just because you want a probiotic yogurt that is healthy and safe doesn’t mean that you have to go for at the cost of the taste. Because let’s be honest nothing is going to ruin the most savory product to ever grace the universe.

The resounding voice in your head that whispers and calls on to you, begging you to open the refrigerator and pick that tasty yogurt isn’t going to go simply because you suddenly woke up and decided to start on a probiotic yogurt diet!

In upshot, the taste is one of the most important factors you must consider. Lucky for you, you are bound to be spoiled for options. This is because a lot of yogurt product are tasty and healthy at the same time.
Hence, you should go for the yogurt product that has a long list favorable and tasty varieties lining up for your attention. This is just in case you happen to get hooked on a specific brand, you want all the different flavors you can get.


Checking the texture is one of the easiest ways of reducing the overwhelming yogurt options to the most favorable one. So what texture should you choose? This Mostly depends on your preference and whether you are buying the probiotic yogurt for your child.

You can find yogurt products with a creamy and chunky texture. This isn’t recommended for children since they are will likely be uncomfortable taking it and experience difficulties while swallowing also.

If you don’t fancy the chunky texture too much then you can go for a liquid and smooth yogurt texture that is easy to take and enjoy. Personally I enjoy basking in the glory of a tasty thick yogurt to ease my mind and tummy.

The Type

When considering the types of yogurt, you’ll have Greek and traditional yogurt to choose from. What is there difference? Well Greek yogurt which has taken the industry by storm undergoes more straining to make it thicker and creamier.

Greek yogurt is exceptionally popular with those who are lactose intolerant as the straining process it undergoes increases the proteins and also has a less amount of carbs to endure through. Greek yogurt is sitting pretty high and is looking to completely displace traditional yogurt.

On the other hand traditional yogurts have been making rounds in the market for quite a while now, with some people still having a place for it in their hearts. They have are mostly liquid with a smooth texture, they also have a higher content of calcium than Greek yogurts.

You will also be required to choose between organic and non-organic yogurt products. The organic yogurts are the most preferred since they are sourced from NON-GMO ingredients like milk from cows fed on organic food.

The feeding of the cows producing the milk goes ahead to determine the nutritional value of the yogurt, that is whether it is organic or non-organic. The differences between the nutritional value of organic and non-organic food is still up for debate but for now I recommend organic products.

The Price

When it comes to the price, making a solid correlation between the price and your preference towards the yogurt would be very wrong. The status quo however remains that the more expensive the yogurt is the better quality it is.

But this doesn’t exactly mean that you have to like all the expensive yogurts by default. You can carefully go through all the yogurt brands to find a healthy and tasty but cheap yogurt that you will certainly fall in love with.

It is however very important to carefully choose a yogurt product that is pocket friendly. Since we all know you’ll definitely come back for it over and over again. So you don’t want to spend a huge sum of cash solely on yogurt.

Benefits of Probiotic Yogurt

Promotes a healthy digestive system

You gut contains numerous micro-organisms termed gut microbiome. The health state of your gut depends on the established balance of these bacteria. Things start to go downhill when the bad bacteria become more than the good bacteria, causing bloating, gas and other issues.

Another factor that leads to digestive issues is taking antibiotic which might offset the balance in your gut. The probiotics in yogurt help to increase the good bacteria by serving Colony Forming Units (CFU) that go ahead to colonize the bacteria in your gut, increasing the good bacteria.

Though the effects of probiotics in reducing conditions like irritable bowel syndrome are still undergoing clinical trials and studies. Probiotics generally help to alleviate diarrhea, bloating, gas and constipation.

Promotes heart health

The living cultures in yogurt have been proven to tremendously improve the health of your heart. This is because they are able to boost the immune system. They are also known for improving your cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

Boosts Immunity

The living and active cultures in yogurt help to reduce inflammations in the body paving the way for the body to absorb nutrients well. Yogurt also contains minerals such as magnesium, zinc and selenium that are great for boosting the immune.

Promotes a healthy weight

Yogurt mainly contains 9-11g of proteins per serving. Proteins generally help the body to burn more calories hence maintaining a healthy weight. Taking yogurt after your workout can be extremely helpful in cooling the body and repairing any sore muscles in your body.

Best Probiotic Yogurt List


I am very grateful that you took your time to ride with me in this comfortable and informative train meant to fully equip you with the necessary knowledge you need be able to choose the best probiotic yogurt that will suit your needs to the fullest.

Allow me to reiterate that yogurt can be the precise product you require in your life to have a healthy and beneficial turnaround. I really hope that you can see yogurt in a new light from its regular premise of a tasty midday snack.

I would hate to leaving you hanging out to dry considering the abundance of yogurts it can be difficult to choose one product. The Chobani No-fat Greek Yogurt, Strawberry Blended 320z is definitely the best pick in the list.

It is a great protein source, providing at least 19g of protein serving per cup. It also made with natural sweeteners like pure raw honey, evaporated can sugar and fruits like strawberry. It contains the beneficial living cultures making it a complete tasty package!

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