RepHresh Pro-B Probiotic

RepHresh Pro-B Probiotic Review1

RepHresh Pro-B Probiotic Review

​Many of us know that probiotics are good for our health. Right? Most of us may be a conception that probiotics are good for our gut only. But wait, probiotics are also available for helping in other parts of our body. Some of them are good for vaginal health too. But don't ever think that the same probiotics are good for health will be good for vaginal health too. Your colon and your vagina need different types of bacteria to be healthy.

You may want to know why you would need to take probiotics for vaginal health. Let us clear you that. The vagina is a very sensitive part of our body. It has a pH level of about 3.8 to 4.5. So, douching often is not good for your vaginal health. There are many good bacteria in the vagina, which help to prevent infection and keep the vagina healthy. So, if you want to maintain good vaginal health, you should take probiotics regularly. For your convenience, we would like to provide you 'RepHresh Pro-B Probiotic Review' after researching for hours.

If you want a trusted brand and approved by gynecologist product, then RepHresh Pro-B Probiotic is ready to go solution for maintaining your good vaginal health. These are oral pills, so there should be no worry about inserting in the vagina. You can easily maintain your feminine health by just consuming one of Pro-B pill per day, costing you less than $1 per day. Without delay, let's start what you should need to know before buying this probiotic.

​RepHresh Pro-B Probiotic Review

​You can easily maintain your feminine health by just consuming one of Pro-B pill per day, costing you less than $1 per day. Without delay, let's start what you should need to know before buying this probiotic.

​Benefits of RepHresh Pro-B Probiotic

  • ​​ It is a probiotic, which is clinically tested, developed, and approved by doctors.
  • It balances yeast and bacteria in your vagina to maintain feminine health. So, your vagina feels better than before.
  • It has the capacity of 5 billion CFU’s (Colony Forming Unit) per serving (at the time of manufacturing).   
  •  It is not only beneficial for vaginal health but also helps in other ways to live a healthy life.
RepHresh Pro-B Probiotic Review1

​Types and Ingredients



​​RepHresh has different types of products for feminine health. For example,  'RepHresh Odor Eliminating Vaginal Gel' or 'RepHresh Clean Balance Feminine Freshness Kit.' You can check those if you want. But for this review, we will only discuss the RepHresh Pro-B Probiotic.



Biox4 contains three kinds of an enzyme that benefits the digestive system a lot. They are- Amylase, Bromelain, and Lipase. These enzymes may not directly contribute to your weight loss, but it creates a pleasant environment and help you to digest your food in the proper way to maintain good health.

  • ​​Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GR-1: It helps in diarrhea, respiratory tract infections, urogenital health, eczema, weight loss, anxiety, and so on. 
  • Lactobacillus Reuteri RC-14: It helps to protect harmful pathogens. It also boosts oral health and balances the bacteria in your vagina.
  • It also helps in diarrhea, urinary tract infection, intestinal health.
  • There are also Maltodextrin, Hypromellose, Titanium Dioxide, milk, and gelatin in this probiotic.


  • ​​Developed and approved by doctors
  • Provides good bacteria in the vagina to prevent yeast infections and BV (Bacterial vaginosis which is a type of inflammation)
  • Good for diarrhea, weight loss, anxiety
  • 5 Billion CFU's per serving
  • Balances pH in the vagina
  • Helps to control odor
  • ​One capsule per day
  • Can be taken orally
  • Capsules with coating are small in size and easy to swallow


  • ​​Who have candida growth issues, this product may not suitable
  • Do not work for all the people

​Side Effects of Rephresh Pro-b Probiotic

​Probiotics are good for our health, and RepHresh Pro-B Probiotic is good for vaginal health, like other drugs, it may also have some side effects for some people. So, you should check the side effects of taking these pills. Side effects are -

  • Gas
  • ​pset stomach
  • Dry mouth
  • Not hungry
  • Headache.

​Also, this probiotic contains gelatin and milk. So, if you have an allergy, then it may not be so friendly with you. So, before taking these pills taking doctors' advice is recommended.

​Though this probiotic doesn't contain hundreds of strains of probiotics, it should not be thought that it is less useful. Actually, the company clinically tested and only chose the main strains of probiotics, which helps to balance yeast and bacteria. On the other hand, it is slightly less costly than other brands.

Also, not all the company provides live probiotics like RepHresh Pro-B Probiotic. Also, this probiotic is small and easy to swallow, which some similar products do not offer.

​Benefits Over Other Similar Products

​One packet of RepHresh Pro-B Probiotic, which contains 30 pills for using one month is costed around 30 dollars only.

You can buy this great probiotic from a regional, national, or online market. Amazon, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, or other local markets can be the source of this amazing product.

​Things to  Consider Before Buying a Probiotic for Vaginal Health​​​​

​You already know that vaginal probiotics are good for maintaining vaginal health. But there should be something in consideration before buying one of them. They are -


​Multiple Strains

​​​There are tons of strains of probiotics available. But all are not for the same purposes. So before buying a probiotic for your vaginal health check if it contains the strains needed for your vaginal health balance.


​​​Balanced Formula

​​​Like not all the strains are not suitable for vagina, all the formula or combinations also not suitable for your sensitive vagina. So, before buying, it is good to check if the probiotic company has clinically tested and proved balanced formula or not.


​​​CFU and Guarantee

​​​CFU is very important when it is a matter of probiotics. So, your chosen probiotic should have enough CFU to satisfy your need. Also, the company that has a guarantee is also great for your trust and health too.


​​​ Capsules

​​​Vaginal probiotics may come in different forms of drugs. But enteric-coated capsules are a great solution for vaginal probiotics because it helps the bacterias to go where those are intended to go.



​​​If the probiotic is designed to stable on its own to the intended place of your body, then it is a good probiotic.


​​​ Packaging

​​​Sometimes packaging is important because it may decrease the quality of the original product over time easily. So, if the probiotic provide good packaging, it is good to buy.


​​​ Allergy

​​​Some probiotics may contain ingredients that may cause your allergy. So, it should be double-checked so that you don't face problems after buying.


​​​Taking Dose

​​​Different companies may have different criteria for taking the probiotics like once daily or twice daily. So, it should be checked what is the dose to take the probiotics for a healthy balance.

Frequently Asked Questions of the RepHresh Pro-B Probiotic Review


​What is the Main Benefit of Rephresh Pro-b Probiotic?

​​​​The main benefit is it keeps your vagina healthy by balancing yeast and bacteria.


​What is Probiotic?

​​​​Probiotic is live bacteria. It helps to keep you healthy by helping your colon's bacterias or vaginal bacterias


​What is the Reason to Take These Pills Every Day?

​​​​Your vagina can be easily imbalanced. So, it is a good thing to use this probiotic regularly so that your vagina maintains balance, and you stay happy.


​​​​Is ​It Helpful if I Want to Lose Weight?

​​​​Yes, like other probiotics, this probiotic also helps for losing your weight.


​Can Yogurt Be an Alternative to This Probiotic?

​​​​No, yogurt is good for your colon, not for your vaginal health. On the other hand, this probiotic is only design for balancing vaginal health. So, it will give you more comfort.


​Is It Helpful for Balancing Ph in the Vagina?

​​​​No, this probiotic is only designed for balancing yeast and bacteria in the vagina. It is not designed for pH balancing. But if you want to balance pH, then you can try RepHresh Vaginal Gel. It is designed for balancing pH.


​How Long Should I Take These Drugs to Get Results?

​​​​Clinically tests prove that RepHresh Pro-B Probiotic can show results within seven days.


​Can I Take This Probiotic if I Take Birth Control Pills?



​Do Doctors Recommend This Product?

​​​​Yes. Some doctors may not on the side of any probiotic without doctors' concern. But this is a clinically tested product and developed by doctors. So, many doctors recommend this probiotic.


​What is the Optimum Temperature to Store Rephresh Pro-b Probiotic?

​​​​It should be kept below 77 degrees Fahrenheit.


​Is This Applicable for Males and Females?

​​​​This probiotic is only for females.


​So, after this, RepHresh Pro-B Probiotic Review, if you want the gist of this review to buy this probiotic or not, then the conclusion is yes, of course. It is a cost-effective solution for most women's unconcerned problems or concerned irritation. Why not taking some pills so that you live more healthy and happy? If you have no allergy or candida growth issues, then obviously we recommend you buying this probiotic. We hope you will try this amazing product and give your vagina some relief.

​RepHresh Pro-B Probiotic Review

​So, after this, RepHresh Pro-B Probiotic Review, if you want the gist of this review to buy this probiotic or not, then the conclusion is yes, of course.

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