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Two major ways have been recommended by doctors as being the best in the healing of a leaky gut. The first one is taking foods that are fermented in nature, and the other is using probiotics that work effectively.

It is the latter which we shall focus on today, the best probiotics to take when having a leaky gut. This is a condition that inconveniences you and your normal life in more than one way.

People who have experienced this syndrome are aware of the problems that are related to the condition.
In as much as the condition makes you feel miserable and desperate for a cure, it is quite complicated to find the right probiotic treatment that will ultimately put an end to all your problems.

In case the bacteria in your gut aren’t balanced, it is possible that you may experience the syndrome. When treating the condition, it is advisable that you look for products that will aid in regenerating and rebalancing bacteria within your gut.

Today we decided to help you in realizing effective treatment when dealing with a leaky gut. We have conducted some research and were able to come up with a list of the best supplements in modern markets.

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ION* Biome

This supplement is one of the most effective models today, as it gives gut bacteria optimal conditions to regenerate successfully. It has been created by trusted doctors who are regarded as professionals in the field.

It really helps when it comes to building your immune system. There are different chemicals and toxic components that are harmful. Such components are not good for the immune system.

With this probiotic, you are assured that your immune system is boosted, and is generally stronger.

Mental health is another important aspect of our lives. The supplement has been designed to help your brain in gaining more focus. In other words, the power of the brain is significantly boosted to give you clarity, confidence and focus.

we may sometimes experience low moods, stress and constant feeling of fatigue. The ION* Biome has been created to help in relieving stress. Your mood is changed for the better. You generally become happier and stress-free.


  • The supplement is powerful and effective in regenerating gut bacteria.
  • The probiotic aids in boosting the immune system.
  • Mental health is improved. You become more focused.
  • Stress and moody conditions are significantly reduced.


  • It is quite pricey.


Renew Life

I would like to assure you that this probiotic contains about 50 billion CFUs. This proves that it is very effective in restoring gut health, as you get to consume a lot of probiotics that aid in restoring gut bacteria.

It is a universal product that is safe and can be used by every person. Vegans can also use this product as it does not contain soy. Gluten has also been excluded, as some people are allergic to the same. This is to imply that it is a completely safe product.

The probiotic comes with a lot of benefits for you. You not only get an improvement in terms of gut health but also a remarkable boost in the immune system. You will enjoy good digestive health with this supplement in use.

In case you have just completed taking medication, it is a common occurrence that you may experience an offset in the balance of bacteria within the gut. The Renew Life supplement aids in restoring the populace of bacteria.


  • The supplement contains 50 billion probiotics.
  • It is effective in healing a leaky gut.
  • It does not contain elements of gluten and soy. This means that it is safe and recommendable for vegans.
  • The immunity system is boosted with time.
  • You get an improvement in gut health.


  • Some people have raised the complaint that the packaging is not shelf stable, meaning that the bacteria become inactive in a short time.



The Smarter Health probiotic not only works in restoring lost bacteria but also in keeping the existing ones healthy and alive. This makes it a unique product in modern markets, considering that only a few supplements function the same way.

This probiotic is shelf stable. Additionally, they have been designed to withstand the acid in the stomach which has digestive properties, to reach the gut where they can be safely absorbed.

Your immune system is kept in good condition, as the probiotics work to boost the same. The supplement is sourced organically, meaning that no synthetic additives have been used. It is safe for consumption and does not result in any health complications.


  • The supplement has been tested by clinicians and has been approved. It is safe for consumption.
  • The probiotics are effective in restoring gut health.
    The digestive system is also improved.
  • Natural ingredients have been sourced to come up with this probiotic.
  • It contains prebiotics that aid in the growth of bacteria and elimination of harmful bacteria.


  • The supplement may leave an unpleasant after taste.



This is one of the most affordable supplements I have come across so far. Despite this price tag of $39, it does not disappoint in terms of quality and effectiveness. The probiotics are powerful and in plenty. They will cure the leaky gut in just a matter of weeks.

Different components have been included in this supplement to give it the effectiveness like no other. Minerals, prebiotics and natural substances such as the Marshmallow root have been included.

The product is shelf stable. You don’t need to store it in the refrigerator. The capsules are made from natural organic products. Vegans can use these as they barely have any side effects.
The ingredients that have been used are clean and natural. Synthetic components have not been used. They are safe.


  • The capsules are high-quality and effective.
  • Gut health is restored quickly.
    The supplement is shelf stable.
  • You don’t need to store it in a refrigerator.
  • These probiotics are natural and safe. Synthetic additives haven’t been included.
  • They can be used by any person including vegans.
  • Minerals such as zinc have been included to aid in body building and strength.
  • Prebiotics aid in taking care of unwanted or harmful bacteria.


  • Some people don’t like the taste or flavor of the capsules.


Ancient Nutrition

Supplements of this brand have been created by clinicians who are renowned and respected. Ancient Nutrition supplements were made in a way to give them quality and effectiveness.

Gut health is significantly improved. Prebiotics have been included to aid in the elimination of harmful bacteria in the gut and provide a conducive environment for probiotics to work in.

A total of 10 billion CFUs have been used to ensure that the right number of bacteria is restored. The supplement is a shelf stable product. You don’t need to keep the probiotics in a refrigerated condition.

Zinc which is fermented in nature has also been included in the supplement. Zinc has a lot of benefits not only to the health but also to general body growth and development.


  • The immune system is improved.
  • Gut health is well taken care of.
  • Prebiotics work well to provide optimal working conditions for probiotics.
  • Zinc which has a lot of health benefits has been included.
  • The probiotic is made of high-quality bacteria that work effectively.
  • The supplement is a shelf stable product. There is barely the need for refrigeration.


  • There are some complaints that the probiotics are not very effective.

What You Need To Consider When Choosing The Best Probiotic For Leaky Gut

The process of choosing a probiotic for a leaky gut is an experience that needs to be undertaken with care and precision. This is because of the nature of the condition.

Having a leaky gut brings with it a lot of inconveniences and miseries, such that you no longer experience normalcy as you used to when you didn’t have the problem.

When choosing the best product, it is important that you take a good look at the quality and nature of components used to come up with the probiotic.

High-quality ingredients work effectively and cure the condition in just a matter of weeks. You also get to enjoy other benefits such as improved gut health and a boosted immune system.

We came up with a buying guide that similarly functions as an information hub. We intend to provide you with some knowledge and information regarding probiotics, the leaky gut and how the former works to cure the latter.

The Nature of Probiotics

Some of us may be wondering what exactly probiotics are. Well, these are basically microorganisms that aid in improving your health. They do this when present in your body. The more they grow or replenish, the better your chances at achieving good health.

However, in as much as these bacteria need to grow in the body and improve your health, it is important that the same microorganisms do so in moderation and balance.

The different types of bacteria in the body need to exist in a balanced proportion, such that none overdoes the other. This is the ultimate way optimal gut health is achieved.

Sometimes, the number of probiotics in the gut is greatly reduced due to different factors, ranging from stress to taking antibiotics or medication that kill gut bacteria.

You therefore end up experiencing slower digestive processes and weaker immune systems. This calls for the need for the intake of probiotics, which will work to replenish lost bacteria and restore optimal gut health.

In case of the absence of adequate gut within the bacteria, several symptoms manifest. These, however, differ according to the nature of the deficiency.

The inadequacy of probiotics and its effects

The populace of probiotics within the gut is reduced when the bacteria are in imbalance. This is not good for your general welfare as different problems may come with the same.

When having fewer bacteria in the gut, some symptoms come to play. In addition, there are some short term and long-term effects that may result due to the same.

It is therefore advisable that you visit a clinician or a trained health officer for observation in the even that you experience any symptoms that are related to insufficiency of bacteria within the gut.

We have looked at some of the effects of insufficient bacteria within the gut.

The Irritable Bowel Syndrome

This condition brings with it severe discomfort. This happens especially when you have consumed specific types of foods.

When it comes to the use of probiotics in preventing this condition, there are specific strains of bacteria that have been designed to aid effectively.

You can always check the sticker on the product, to determine if the supplement contains the required bacterial components in preventing this condition. Alternatively, you can consult a doctor who can help with the recommendations.

Disorders related to mental health

A stable mental health is a very critical aspect in a human being’s life. It helps you to focus better and even give your brain the power to clearly interpret and discern content.

Having insufficient bacteria in the gut leads to conditions where you experience sluggishness in terms of thinking and interpreting messages. The discerning ability of brain cells becomes suppressed, making it had for you to maintain clarity in terms of focus and concentration.

With the right probiotic intake, you are assured of a healthy brain and a stable development of the brain functioning.

A weaker Immune system

Scientists have proven that a strong immune system helps in the fight against diseases and infections. People with stronger systems stand a better chance at fighting diseases.

On the other hand, people with weaker immune systems are more susceptible to bouts of infections. A weak system is brought about by the presence of insufficient or inadequate bacteria within the gut.
The intake of probiotics comes in to take care of the deficiency, by restoring lost bacteria. Your immune system is boosted. You therefore become stronger and resistant to the effects of infections and diseases.
In addition to these effects, there are other common problems that may be associated with the lack of enough bacteria within the gut.

Diarrhea is noted in some incidences. This is a condition in which the affected persons have stalled foods within their digestive systems because of the lack of enough bacteria in their systems.

The problem is usually caused by bad bacteria that cause illnesses. Probiotics come in to fight such bacteria by replacing them with the helpful ones that aid in the absorption of nutrients into the body.
Other effects include the increase of cholesterol and the formation of a leaky gut.

The leaky gut

We should first know exactly what this condition is, including its characteristics, nature and prevention.
A leaky gut comes to occur when the intestinal walls become permeable. Small gaps or holes develop. This will affect the ability of the digestive system in the processing and absorption of nutrients in effectiveness.
The small intestines are usually made up of smaller features known as the villi. The villi are also made up of small microvilli. The villi microvilli aid in the absorption of nutrients into the blood system, as they provide a larger surface area for efficacy of the same.

Supplements such as probiotics and other food nutrients get to be absorbed in the small intestines. Villi and microvilli are the basic units of the gut. Without them, the gut is permeable, and absorption of nutrients and supplements is hindered.

What then, causes the leaky gut problem? How is it related to the villi and microvilli?

All the factors we have looked at, including antibiotics, normal medication, harmful bacteria, toxic components and stressing too much, may affect the permeability of the gut, by tampering with the normal structure of villi and microvilli.

This cause a situation where bacteria that is responsible for the elimination of bad bacteria becomes ineffective. This will result in the erosion of the lining of the intestines, making them permeable.
It is one of the most dangerous occurrences, because the permeable gut allows all kinds of elements to pass into the blood system, including bad bacteria that cause germs and food particles that haven’t been digested fully.

There are different symptoms that begin to show when you tend to have the leaky gut problem. The most common ones include the occurrence of diarrhea, constipating and development of bloats.
Deficiencies that are associated to nutrition also come to happen, as your body fails to absorb nutrients the right way. Instead, it is only food materials that haven’t been digested fully that get to pass into the bloodstream.

You can be prone to infections. This means that your immune system is weaker, and it is unable to help your body fight properly against disease-causing bacteria.

The development of the brain is also hindered. This may cause sluggishness and low levels of concentration. The focus you put into activities deteriorates too.

Sometimes you may forget things, a characterization of loss of memory. Feelings of fatigue become common and there are incidences where you experience pain in the joints.

Quality, functionality and ingredients

For a probiotic to work optimally in curing a leaky gut, it should contain powerful bacteria that are available in abundance. The ingredients used need to be considered too, as some people tend to be allergic to certain components.

How will you know if a specific supplement is high-quality or not?

There are a variety of ways to determine the quality and ability of a probiotic in effective treatment. Clinical testing is usually done on the supplements to test the nature of the microorganisms, that is, to know if they are alive or not.

A quality product will successfully pass this test by having active probiotics. It will be found to be safe for human consumption and effective in terms of restoring bacteria and achieving the normal health of the gut.

Another sure way of checking the authenticity and effectiveness of the probiotic is by determining the verification status of the manufacturers.

Most of the quality supplements have been created by clinicians and doctors who are renowned in the medicine industry. You can therefore trust that the probiotics bring sourced from their brands will be effective and reliable.

The ingredients used should be obtained from natural sources. Organic components can be relied on, as they barely contain synthetic additives that come with tons of side effects.

The number of probiotics present in the supplement will determine the effectiveness of the product. For example, a supplement with 10 billion CFUs is quite powerful. This is because it contains a high number of microorganisms that can replenish the lost ones in a few dosages.

You also need to check the potency of the probiotic and its storage nature. Products that are highly recommended are those that are shelf stable. This is because they can withstand different temperature to still maintain quality and potency.

Products that require refrigeration usually need you to consume them a few days after exposing them to air. Shelf stable products save you all the hassles of storage.

Best Probiotic for Leaky Gut

ION* Biome -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
Renew Life4.8 out of 5 stars
SMARTERNUTRITION4.6 out of 5 stars
Codeage4.4 out of 5 stars
Ancient Nutrition4 out of 5 stars


Before deciding to purchase any probiotic supplement, it is important that you conduct some research, to know more about the product, its quality and how it works best.

Due to the digestive nature of stomach acids, it is advisable that you pick a probiotic that is resistant to the same, to ensure that it safely arrives to the gut.

I would advise you to go for the Smarter Gut Health probiotic. It is a shelf stable product that doesn’t require refrigeration for maintenance of potency.

The probiotics that have been included in this supplement are powerful. They work effectively to aid in the restoration of gut health. Other problems such as feelings of discomfort in the bowels are significantly done away with.

We cannot forget the leaky gut problem. This is one of the most effective supplements in curing the condition. Your immune system is well taken care of as the probiotic works to boost it.
I would like to assure you that all the ingredients of this supplement are sourced organically.

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