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Probiotics are a testament that we have come a long way where medicine is a concern, have helped us solve a myriad of problems associated with both digestive and intestinal health. The benefits to be derived from the use of these products are indeed quite numerous.

We need not mention the importance that you care for your vaginal health. The vaginal area is quite sensitive and susceptible to many infections. It is, therefore, crucial that you use the right probiotic, one that will assist in maintaining your vaginal pH to prevent infections.

It is also worth noting that different probiotics are ideal for different circumstances, and not all similar bear usage. The ones taken for digestion are not ideal for use if you want to care for your vaginal health. Usage tends to differ.

This article will assist you immensely in decerning the right probiotic, one that will be ideal for you in solving any all problems associated with vaginal infections and diseases. The products have been carefully researched, deemed to be both practical and efficient in caring for your vaginal health.
The ideal product in the market today are:

Best Probiotic for Vaginal Health List


Garden of Life

The great product from Garden of Life is ideal and highly recommended for women, as it has bees specially designed to take care of vaginal health. It contains up to eight strains of bacteria, all working together to eliminate harmful and unwanted yeast.

If at all you happen to have infections in your urinary tract, this product will be of great use for you. With the highly resilient bacteria, capable of withstanding highly acidic conditions, the probiotic will surely be sufficient in treating such conditions.

This product is free from gluten and also ideal for vegans.


  • The product is entirely vegan-friendly; hence it is very much recommended for users who do not eat meat.
  • You will love the fact that the product is entirely free from Genetically Modified Organisms.
  • Your immunity has also been taken into consideration. The product containing 50 billion CFU will certainly offer your body enough resistance to infective pathogens.


  • Some users of the product have had skin rashes after consuming it.
  • The probiotics require specialized storage. They tend to be ineffective if placed under high temperatures.


Viva Naturals

The product from viva naturals is undoubtedly a must-have. You will definitely get a great deal of usage flexibility with the purchase of this particular commodity. This is because it offers solutions for problems ranging from digestive to vaginal issues. It is an all in one purchase.

This commodity has been clinically tested and proven to eliminate all unwanted and harmful yeast growth with three times the effectiveness. It also creates an optimal environment for healthy bacteria to thrive.

Your urinary health has also been taken into consideration with this commodity. To adequately prevent infections, the probiotic use cranberry extracts that fend off all potential urinary tract infections. This adds to the overall range of usage you will be getting from this single commodity.


  • The product offers solutions to a wide array of problems, some of which include urinary, digestive, and vaginal issues.
  • You will be getting value for money; instead of purchasing a separate probiotic for your digestive issues, you have a single product that captures all these issues.
  • The bacteria in this product is resilient enough to withstand the harsh acidic conditions of the body.


  • Some users of the product have experienced mild constipation on using it.
  • There have been concerns raised regarding the effectiveness of the product.


Physician’s Choice

If you are in the market for a probiotic that is entirely organic, then look no further than this product by Physician's Choice. The great product has been clinically proven to be highly effective in solving a wide range of issues.

The range of usage for the commodity is quite impressive, but what stands out in this product is that it has been specially crafted to care for vaginal and urinary diseases. The cranberry extracts are highly effective for treating infections in the urinary tract.

A feature of the product that is worth noting is that you do not have to worry about refrigerating it. You can simply store it on your shelf.


  • This probiotic is made from 100% organic by-products. There is less strain on your body to process unwanted chemicals.
  • Being completely vegan-friendly, Physician's Choice have certainly taken into account the numerous dieting requirements of their customers
  • The capsules are quite resistant to acid, and this gives you the assurance that they are valid. 


  • Some users experience stomach upsets after consuming the capsules.
  • A section of the users has complained about abdominal and pelvic discomfort after using the commodity.



The probiotics by Rephresh are highly recommended by gynecologists and other health experts, owing to their effectiveness in treating vaginal related diseases such as yeast and bacterial infections.

The specially formulated product targets the yeast growth in the vaginal area; the high resilient bacteria then works to eliminate the unwanted infestations, thereby ensuring that the pH conditions have been restored.

The probiotics will assist you to strike the perfect balance between yeast and bacteria to ensure that you are not prone to infection from external pathogens.


  • If you are allergic to gluten, peanuts, eggs, and dairy, the commodity is highly recommended for you as they do not contain any of the stated products.
  • The probiotics have been specially designed for women as they mainly focus on providing solutions for vaginal diseases.
  • You will be getting 30 capsules, which is equivalent to 30 days' worth of treatment.


  • Rephresh gives a disclaimer that the product does not cure or prevent any disease. This has made users question the intent of using the commodity and whether it works in the first place.
  • This product has not quite been approved by the food and drug administration, raising concerns about the trustworthiness of the probiotics.


Nature Wise

The stand out feature of the probiotic, and also one that you will surely love, is its Colony Forming Units count, which is among the highest in the market. This simply means that the probability that a large number of bacteria will reach the target organs is quite high.

The product from Nature Wise is utterly free from Genetic Modification, and another bonus is that the commodity is vegan-friendly. It is very much recommended as it is all-natural, relieving your body of the stress of eliminating unnecessary chemicals.

The product also solves quite an array of issues, some of which include problems associated with digestion, urinary infections, and vaginal infections. This makes it ideal for usage among women.


  • The product is appropriate for those on vegan diets.
  • The pills are very tiny. This will give you an effortless time swallowing them.
  • You will not require refrigeration with this product. It can simply be stored at room temperature.


  • Some users have experienced constipation after using the product.
  • A portion of the consumers has found the product to cause skin irritation, not after ingestion, but by merely holding the pill.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Best Probiotic for Vaginal Health

Probiotics for vaginal health have undoubtedly empowered women to take the initiative and care for their health. They have made it quite simple for several women to take a hands-on approach when dealing with common problems such as vaginal infections caused by yeast and urinary tract infections.

Despite the various benefits accruing to such products, it has become increasingly difficult for us to select the right product from the market, one that will optimally meet our needs and serve to be not only efficient but also useful in caring for vaginal health.

It is necessary that you take into consideration the various requirements to look out for in order for you to select the perfect product. You must, therefore, exercise a great deal of caution when making a purchase of such importance.

We all desire to make purchases that maximize our value for money. You want to purchase a commodity that will give you assurance of good vaginal health at the right price. It is because of this that you should take some factors into consideration to make the correct purchase.

We have extensively researched and come up with a detailed list of requirements that will certainly guide you to make the correct decision before making a purchase. This will help you avoid the disappointment of buying a commodity that is not ideal.

Some of the main factors you need to be on the lookout for include:

Your Allergies

Your choice on the type of product you wish to purchase ought to be influenced by the ingredients used in manufacturing the probiotic. Some of the products in the market have been made from gluten, dairy, and many other common allergy triggers.

A vast majority of manufacturers are now embracing the fact that there is a significant number of consumers with different requirements, and are now creating products that can be used by consumers who have allergies.

It is prudent that you look through the product ingredients carefully. You can also consult the manufacturer or your doctor before you start using the products to know whether or not you risk triggering allergic reactions by using the products.

Conditions in Which To Store The Product 

Most probiotics can ordinarily be stored under normal circumstances, that is, at room temperature. You must, however, not assume that all the probiotics should be stored at room temperature. Some must strictly be stored in refrigerators.

Storing such products in a haphazard manner would render them ineffective and, in some cases, even poisonous. It is very much recommended that you exercise a great deal of caution when storing the pills in order for them to work correctly.

Your purchasing decision must, therefore, be informed by whether or not you have got the means to refrigerate. You should avoid buying those that require refrigeration if you happen to travel a lot, as it can be quite a hustle to store your capsules.

The Side-Effects Of Using The Probiotic

Like most forms of medication, many probiotics ordinarily have side-effects. Before you start using the commodity, ensure that you have sufficiently researched the side effects to avoid inconveniencing yourself.

Many side effects are dependent on the ingredients and how your body reacts to the elements. Some reactions can be quite mild, whereas some are incredibly unpleasant. Your choice must, therefore, be tied on the at which your body reacts.

The common side-effects affiliated with consuming the products are constipation, feeling gassy, and experiencing mild skin rashes. You can make inquiries with your doctor, or manufacturer before settling on your commodity of choice.

The Price of the Commodity

Regardless of what commodity you want to purchase, we usually make up our minds almost exclusively on the price, and probiotics are not an exception. We, more often than not, select the products that fall inside our budgetary limits.

You must, however, remember that high prices are not exclusively an indicator of good quality. Some commodities in the market are overpriced, and you must, therefore, be keen when making a purchase.
You can easily take advantage of pricing to maximize your value for money. You simply need to cross-check specific details, such as the Colony Forming Units, the type of bacteria, or the variation in the number of strains to help you peck the best product at a minimum cost.

The Type of Bacteria Used to Make the Probiotic 

This is among the most fundamental considerations of any purchase regarding probiotics. The type of bacteria used to make the product straight away can be used to determine the extent to which it is useful.
There are various types of bacteria, all of which have different strains. Some will be more resilient than others in surviving the highly acidic and alkaline conditions of the body. If at all you want to purchase the best commodity, then be on the lookout for the bacteria used.

It would be very ineffective if you would happen to purchase a commodity, whose bacteria would not survive, as the essence of taking probiotics is getting certain types of bacteria to the target organs—the more resilient the bacteria, the better the product.

The Brand Type/ The Manufacturer

It is very much necessary for you to purchase sensitive commodities such as probiotics from a manufacturer who has got a good reputation. Sensitive products, including all medicines, can have an enormous impact on your health and well-being.

The advantage of purchasing products that are widely known is that you can have some assurance in terms of quality, that you will be getting a useful commodity. It would also be possible to hold the manufacturer accountable if you happen to any extreme ill effects.

Most brands from reputable manufacturers are, to some extent, challenging to forge. They have standard means of identifying that most counterfeit producers would ordinarily find it very difficult to replicate.

The longevity of product life

Many users tend to neglect to find out how durable the products are. This makes you incur a lot of losses as you have to throw out the expired commodities. In some cases, some users have gone ahead to use the drugs without checking their expiry, with fatal consequences.

Checking the length of the product life is also vital in helping you plan for shipping. A large number of buyers have made orders, only for them to arrive after their expiry date. This makes the buyers incur avoidable losses.

It will be prudent for you to do your market research and select the product that offers you the most excellent longevity. This helps you save on costs and protect yourself from the possibility of consuming expired drugs.

Type of probiotic 

There are numerous types of probiotics, all of which have different uses. Many brands have tried to come up with a single commodity that solves a lot of problems, including digestion problems, urinary tract problems, and vaginal yeast infections.

While most commodities will offer you solutions, you might find out that they tend to overemphasize treatment for only one of the range of issues. This will mean that treating other problems might take a longer duration of time than others.

It is vital that you narrow down to those particular types that offer you solutions for your vaginal health. Do not assume that using global probiotics will provide you with solutions for those problems associated with vaginal issues.

Probiotic ingredients

When purchasing probiotic, be sure to take into consideration what the product is made of. If you are on a vegan diet, there is a range of products that are recommended for you. You must ensure that the product is approved for vegans.

For those on all organic diets, your need a have also been taken into consideration, as there is a vast array of products in the market that are excellently suited for you. Just look to purchase those that do not have genetic modifications.

Colony Forming Units

For any probiotic, it is imperative that you take into consideration the number of units forming the colony. The higher the number of units in the count, the higher the product. The Colony-forming groups assist you in determining effectiveness.

A large Colony Forming Unit count means that there is a higher probability that a large number of bacteria will reach the target organ, say the vagina or urinary tract. This is because they are likely to survive the highly acidic and alkaline conditions present in the body.

Value for money

You must always maximize the value of money. This means that at the right price, the product must incorporate the appropriate Colony Forming Unit count, a wide range of solutions offered by probiotic, as well as bacterial resilience, all at an affordable cost.

While it can be quite challenging to seek a product that integrates all the aforementioned characteristics into account, it is not impossible. With the right amount of marketing research, it is possible to arrive at a product with this assortment of properties.

It is worth noting that many consumers are attracted to the allure of cheap commodities; however, in most cases, quality commodities do not usually come cheap. Spending a little extra money on the right quality product is worth it. This may help you get rid of your vaginal and urinary tract problems faster.

Timing of bacterial release 

This refers to the duration of time that elapses from the time you consume the probiotic to the time the bacteria are released. If the period is short, then the product will be ineffective as most of the bacteria will be denatured by the stomach's hypo chloric acid.

Best Probiotic for Vaginal Health


Indeed, there are several factors that you ought to take onto account before settling on the perfect commodity. There are several probiotics in the market, and this certainly makes it challenging to select the right product. It is therefore diligent that you research your commodities before making a purchase.

There are several benefits to be derived from using probiotics, and they are definitely useful in providing optimal solutions to an array of issues, the common ones being digestive problems, vaginal problems as well as urinary tract infections.

It is critical for you to note that not all probiotics have been designed to solve issues to do with vaginal health. You must, therefore, be selective before making a purchase.

If you happen to have gone through the products and factors to consider and are still unsure of what commodity to purchase, then the product by Garden of Life is what I would recommend for you.

This product has been tested time and again and proven to solve a lot of problems associated with a yeast infection and bacterial infection. This will enable you to stay healthy and happy. With this product, you simply cannot go wrong.

Do not hesitate, purchase the probiotics from Garden of Life for the best results, a purchase that you will surely not regret.

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