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Bigelow Mixed Green Count Total

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Different types of probiotic teas really help with digestive problems. There are quite a number of these products which contain cleansing agents that will improve your gut health and keep you in perfect working condition.

You should consider getting yourself the best probiotic teas, as they will definitely help in the elimination of harmful bacteria within your gut. The presence of such bacteria results in a number of problems, which leave you fatigued and sickly.

One thing you have to consider when purchasing probiotic teas is the place you get the products from. It is important that you confirm the authenticity of the vendor distributing the product to you. On every occasion, look for an established proprietor.

The main reason why you should consider the seller is because of the quality and purity of the probiotic tea. A good product will be pure and safe. The ingredients will be natural, and the outcomes will be rewarding.

We have enlisted some of the best probiotic teas in modern markets today. These products have been evaluated and clinically tested. You are rest assured that they are safe and of top quality.
These will prove to be beneficial, especially if you currently experience any problems related to digestion.

Best Probiotic Tea List


Bigelow Mixed Green Count Total

This is an affordable probiotic tea that has been produced for everyone to enjoy. You won't be required to dig deep into your pockets so as to acquire the product. It is made available at a pocket-friendly price.

The Bigelow Mixed Green Count Total tea is one of the first products to be tested and approved as being able to survive the extreme temperatures of boiling water, and still retain the potency especially with the probiotic in it.

Probiotics will reach the intestinal tract safely. This is convenient, as your digestive system will get to receive the necessary bacteria for balance and replenishment. The tea has been produced in different flavors for you to choose from.

This is a combination of different probiotics which seem to be beneficial in every aspect. Some of the bacteria that have been included are Ganeden BC 30 probiotics.


  • Natural ingredients have been used to prepare the tea.
  • The tea has great taste, thanks to the different flavors.
  • The teabags have been wrapped individually. This makes it easier to use.


  • The bags may disintegrate when left in water.


VitaCup Probiotic Probiotics Vitamin Digestion

In case you are a vegan and have been looking for a product that will take care of your needs without any problems, then you need to look no further.

The VitaCup Probiotic tea is a product that has been made purely of organic ingredients. You will find it suitable and beneficial.

This product supports digestion, as it leads to a general improvement in gut health. Your immune system is also boosted in the process. Mild peppermint flavors have been added to the tea to give it a balanced taste.

Powerful ingredients have been mixed to give the product instant effectiveness during use. Common products that have been added include important probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins V1, B5, B6, B9, and B12.

All these ingredients help in balancing the digestive system. 1 billion probiotics have been added to the tea to give it more strength and effectiveness.


  • The pods and capsules that have been used are 100% biodegradable.
  • Aloe vera is a prebiotic enzyme that has been added to help in the elimination of harmful bacteria.
  • The ingredients are high-quality.
    Mild peppermint flavors have been added to give the product a balanced taste.


  • Some users complain that they barely experience any effects after use.


Traditional Medicinals Organic Peppermint Probiotic

As the name suggests, the tea contains subtle traces of peppermint flavors to give the product an enhanced taste. Additionally, the probiotic tea is affordable. You will find it convenient to acquire, without necessarily spending a lot of money.

The product is focused on improving your digestive health. The taste of the product is indeed unique and great. The aftertaste you get does not cause any irritation. Digestive discomfort is also reduced with this tea in place.

Natural ingredients have been used to create this product. The ingredients are high-grade, as they have been sourced directly from organic farms.

The preparation processes are safe. This leads to the production of pure products that are good for your digestive health.


  • The product is quite affordable. This saves you a lot of money.
  • The probiotic tea is natural.
  • Herbs that have been used to prepare the tea have been sourced from organic farms. They are fresh.
  • Digestive discomfort is greatly reduced.
  • The nervous system is calmed by the herbs.
  • The product has been prepared in a GMO-free process and is easy to use.


  • Users have complained that they haven’t experienced any effects after consumption.


Celestial Seasonings Herbal Ginger Probiotics

This probiotic has a great flavor. High-quality herbs have been used to prepare the probiotic. The preparation process is clean and safe, therefore, the final product is a pure make that is intended at improving your digestive health.

The ingredients are very fresh, as they have been sourced directly from organic farms that are located within the US. Beneficial spices have been added to the tea to give it enhanced taste. Some of these spices include cinnamon and cardamom.

The brand that is responsible for the production of this probiotic has been in existence for quite some time now. It was established in 1969. It is therefore reputable when it comes to authenticity, quality, and safety of products.

The tea can be prepared in a few simple steps. You get to enjoy a lot of digestive benefits, just by using the product.


  • The tea is easy to prepare for use.
  • The brand is reputable in the production of safe and quality products, as it has been in existence since 1969.


  • The tea bags are not individually wrapped inside the box. This sometimes becomes inconvenient for some people.
  • Some consumers are allergic to the ginger flavor.
  • There have been some complaints that the product is ineffective.


Wonder Drink Kombucha Sparkling Fermented

The Kombucha probiotic tea is affordable. It is not only cheap but also reputable when it comes to adherence to standards of quality, safety, and purity. The ingredients are organic in nature, as they have been obtained from fresh farms.

Friendly yeast has been encompassed in the ingredients, so as to give you all the important bacteria that your gut needs for improvement in terms of health. Other ingredients that have been included are organic fruit juices.

The drink has been produced in different flavors. You will choose the one that you prefer. The spicy ginger is an additive that has been included to give the product enhancement in terms of taste.


  • The ingredients of this product have been certified.
  • This drink is safe for children and adults.
  • It is a healthy product.
  • It is gluten-free and vegan in nature. It helps in the improvement of the digestive system.
  • The spicy ginger flavor has been included to give it an enhanced taste.
  • This supplement has been blended with organic fruit juices.
    It is affordable.
  • Friendly yeast together with God bacteria have been included.
    It is organic.


  • Several users have found out that the drink is pasteurized. This is bad for the probiotics as they are killed in the process. This eliminates a lot of probiotic benefits.
  • There are traces of sugar in the product.
  • Some users complain of an aftertaste that isn’t pleasing.
  • It may be expensive.

Hacks To Purchase The Best Probiotic Tea

There are a couple of probiotic beverages on the supermarket shelves today and even in our homes. However, a dialogue has ensued as to whether you really do need that probiotic tea to serve whichever the purpose you do want.

Even though there are a number of other alternatives, a number of people still do believe probiotic tea is the best. The question however remains, with the many options that are readily available, how would you settle for the best?

As we have already noted, probiotic beverages can be obtained from various suppliers and vendors. With technology, people have opted to buy products from online marketing companies including from Facebook.

I would like to give you some hacks and tricks that will see to it that you purchase the best available probiotic tea that is worth the value you paid. As you join me, I really do hope that you will find this article useful. Consider these factors before purchasing:

Ability to survive the temperatures of boiling water

It is a fact that is in the general public notoriety that tea has to me made from hot or boiling water. On the other hand, probiotics are just mere microbes that are found in your gut and have beneficial bacteria that protects your body from many things.

Additionally, probiotics can also be readily obtained from probiotic supplements, or from fermented foods and beverages such as yoghurt, Kombucha, Kefir and Sauerkraut.

From a science perspective, it is known that micro-organisms can rarely survive temperatures of above 47 degrees Celsius. In essence what this means is that the high temperatures of boiling water may kill the useful bacteria that is found in probiotic tea.

Therefore before purchasing a probiotic beverage, you should first ensure that the probiotic beverage is likely to survive the heat from boiling water.

The form of the probiotic tea

For quite a long time now, probiotic tea has only been available in bottled form in many of our supermarkets. There was no dry from of the probiotic tea, say bagged probiotic tea that you could purchase.

However recently, manufacturers have opted to add a new product in the market to tea to make it probiotic. This product is called BC30. Therefore, if you are asking whether there is a dry form of probiotic tea, the answer is yes.

However, you should warn yourself of the possible disadvantages of buying the dry form of probiotic tea. This is following the fact that the BC30 additive may not turn out to be the best as compared to other quality probiotic supplements.

The manufacturing company

Under normal circumstances, nobody would want to give a bad opinion about their products. The driving force is usually to have a high sale in the market and see to it that your business is booming, regardless of how you manage to do that.

However, different companies manufacture products that have different qualities. You may therefore want to gather information about the manufacturing company of a given probiotic tea before actually purchasing the tea.

The better the reviews, the higher the priority you should give to the company. Just as we have noted above, some companies always endeavor to serve their customers with good quality tea.

On the other hand, some have opted to the use of flavored water with a unique cap that leads to consumers taking in probiotics in powder form. You should conduct a proper inquiry before settling for a particular probiotic tea.

This will be good both to your health and also it will be worth the money you will spend.

Expiration date of the probiotic

As you take a walk looking for probiotic tea supplements available on the shelves, you will meet many supplements that have been branded with the probiotic label.

However, the truth is that not all that glitters is usually gold. Some of those tea supplements may be past their expiry date.

Therefore, before purchasing any probiotic tea supplement, make sure that they have an expiration date written on them. A good product will usually not conceal this vital aspect from the consumers.
Additionally, go for that product that has its expiration date as far away as possible.

Has it listed all the bacteria present?

Normally, various probiotics have different strains of bacteria present. On top of that, those different strains of bacteria have different levels of effectiveness.

Some are better placed to serve the purpose for which you are willing to purchase a probiotic supplement than others.

Therefore, before purchasing any probiotic tea supplements, read the entire bottle and make sure that it has listed all the bacteria that has been used to manufacture the beverage or the powder.

From there, you can exercise prudent judgment and go for that probiotic tea supplement with the most effective bacterial strain.

The sugar content of the particular probiotic tea beverage
At no point will a high sugar level and good bacteria ever converge. What happens is that the sugar instead speeds up the production of bad bacteria which takes away the effect of good bacteria that would be present in the probiotic.

Just like a garden, you should endeavor to protect your gut from unwanted weeds that are likely to kill the plants growing there. Avoiding sugary foods and taking in more prebiotics will kick start this process.
If there are less sugars that have been added to the probiotic tea, bad bacteria in your gut is likely to die from lack of food to feed on.

The platform from where you are purchasing your probiotic

It is important to take note that there are very many counterfeit products that are available in the market. However, you will not easily realize the difference between the counterfeit products and the real products, as they have been designed almost in the same manner.

What option do you therefore have? For starters, you should exercise extreme caution before buying probiotic tea. Only purchase the same from platforms that have a good reputation.

For instance, avoid buying probiotic tea from marketing companies that are selling their products over Facebook and Instagram.

Probiotic tea versus fiber rich fermented foods

Occasionally, it has been argued that probiotic tea may not be the answer you are looking for after all.
A study has shown that a diet rich in probiotics can actually lower the diversity of bacteria present, since many products in the market have a narrow variety of bacterial strains.

on the other hand, those studies have shown that consuming a diet of high fiber fermented foods could actually do better.

At this point, the call is yours to make. Try everything and settle for that which is best serves your interests. 

Best Probiotic Tea List


Always go for a natural product. Before making any purchase related to probiotic teas, it is important that you check the ingredients. This will help you in determining the ingredients that are safe for your health and the ones that you are sensitive to.

Probiotic teas come with a lot of benefits. They help in resolving issues related to an imbalance in the gut system. It is advisable that you go for a good supplement that has a list of all the bacteria in the drink.

I would advise that you go for the VitaCup Probiotic Probiotics Vitamins Digestion. This is a product that is vegan and supports digestion. Gut health and immunity are greatly boosted with this drink in use.

Aloe vera is a prebiotic enzyme which has been constituted in the drink. You get a lot of additional vitamins too. The pods and capsules are biodegradable, and everything about this tea is high-grade.

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