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In as much as different types of foods such as sourdough bread and yogurt contain probiotics, it is always good to consider integrating supplements into our diets. These supplements are readily made as probiotics. This means that they are more effective.

Having made your way around a local pharmacy, it is obvious that you have come across a wide variety of stocked probiotics. This is quite a challenge, as you definitely find it difficult to make a purchase because you have so many options before you.

There is, however, no need for an alarm. We have compiled a list of the best probiotic supplements in modern markets. Additionally, we have conducted thorough research and critical review to bring you the best guide in your endeavors.

The good thing about the products we have provided is that they have been recommended by approved dieticians. You are therefore rest assured of not only getting quality products but also supplements that are good for your health.

Before picking a certain supplement, it is always important that you consider a choice that perfectly suits your needs. The process can be quite a hassle, but with the right information, you’ll definitely maintain a healthy lifestyle with the best probiotic.

Best Probiotic List


1 MD Complete Probiotics Platinum Dairy Free

The 1MD Probiotic supplements are completely vegetarian. For effectiveness, the capsules have been made in a special formulation, such that they won’t be affected by stomach acids. This ensures that they arrive at the intestinal tract safely.

The supplement has indeed been developed with the major intention of improving your general health. This is made achievable as the probiotic creates the perfect microbiome balance within your system.

There is a special component in the supplement known as NutraFlora Fiber. It helps in improving the effectiveness of the probiotic, as it nurtures the growth of Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli.

One good thing about this probiotic is that it takes care of all your needs, inclusive of the common bloating problems and other digestive issues that arise in our day to day activities. It is a definite boost.


  • The supplement contains NutraFlora Prebiotic Fiber that helps in nourishing the bacteria found in the capsules.
  • The 11 strains of bacteria are very important. There are 51 billion colony-forming units, otherwise known as CFUs of prebiotic, found in every dose of the supplement.
  • The supplement has been created by approved dieticians who have been certified by the American Board of Pediatrics.
  • The capsules work within a day.
  • You get to experience improved digestion, and boosted immune system.


  • They may sometimes be expensive, especially when the prescription is 2×2.


Culturelle Probiotic Digestive Naturally Effective

The Culturelle Probiotic has been created with the sole purpose of providing an optimal balance within the digestive system of the user. In modern times, a lot of digestive problems arise. The supplement seeks to curb all these issues.

Your immune system is considerably boosted with the probiotic in place. Additionally, women have been well catered for, as the supplement not only takes care of the vaginal system but also boosts the immune system.

The products are totally safe to use. They have been tested by approved dieticians and pediatricians. This makes them safe for kids and even small babies.


  • There is no need for refrigeration as the products have been designed to stay in perfect condition over a wide range of temperatures.
  • The delayed-release mechanism prevents stomach acids from digesting the capsule before it reaches the intestines.
  • You are assured of optimal balance in the digestive system.
  • Your immune system is boosted completely.


  • There are a few side effects within the first days of usage. You may experience incidences of bloating and also discomfort within the intestines.


Garden Life Probiotics Ultimate Stable

Garden Life probiotics have been made purely of organic components. There has been a significant rise in the disproval of chemical and other synthetic products, as they have been found to lead to adverse effects on users.

The products provided by Garden Life are there to assure you that your health is of utmost priority, not only to you but also to them, as your trusted brand. You can, therefore, rely on their products for efficiency.

Digestion support has been enhanced, thanks to the components such as Lactobacilli, acidophilus, paracasei, and even bulgaricus. Immune support has been enhanced with the integration of 100 billion CFUs and 34 probiotic strains.


  • The product is at the forefront of providing your body system with cleansing support.
  • The supplements have been designed in an inclusionary process. This means that protein digestive enzymes, vitamin supplements, and minerals have been added to give the probiotic more power.
  • It is vegetarian and totally gluten-free.


  • Some users have raised complaints that they barely experience any reactions after taking the supplements.
  • There are some issues with the packaging. Some come already tampered. This may affect the potency of the supplements.


Organic Probiotics 100 Billion CFU

This particular product contains 34 strains. You may be wondering why we are placing a lot of emphasis on the number of strains in the probiotic we mention. Well, a good number of strains in a supplement helps in improving the digestive system of the user.

A supplement with a higher number of strains is more effective. This probiotic is organic in nature. There are no risks that may be associated with the product, as in contrast to synthetic components or chemical products. It is completely safe.

The delayed-release mechanism is critical in preventing the digestion of the supplement by stomach acids. The probiotic will, therefore, arrive safely to the intestinal tract, where it is appropriately absorbed.


  • The 34 strains are helpful in improving your general health, by taking care of all your digestive problems.
  • The product is completely organic. It is gluten-free.
  • The delayed release capsules will not be affected by stomach acids.
  • The supplements boost the absorption of nutrients.
  • Bloating problems are significantly reduced. Similarly, fatigue becomes a thing of the past.
  • Your immune system is greatly boosted.
  • The shelf-stable technology has been used in the packaging of these products. The bottles are sealed tightly and in the right way to prevent moisture, oxygen, and light from affecting the performance of the supplements.


  • They are quite expensive.


Vitamin Bounty Pro Probiotic Prebiotics

This supplement has been considered to be one of the most effective probiotics in modern markets. The reaction you get after using Vitamin Bounty is almost instantaneous. This makes it effective and good for use.

13 strains together with 50 billion CFUs have been integrated into the supplements to make them both effective and powerful. Your body system will be supplied with a good number of supplements after consumption.

The delayed release capsules will not be affected or digested by stomach acids. They remain in their capsules until they reach the intestines. In terms of safety and quality, it is good to note that the product has been tested by approved dieticians.


  • The supplements are very effective.
  • It contains 50 billion CFUs and 13 strains, all which work to boost your health and immune system.
  • The products have been tested and approved as per the safety and quality standards.


  • The product is quite expensive.

What You Need To Consider When Purchasing The Best Probiotic

Finding the best probiotic can sometimes be very hard to manage. The process is hectic because of the large number and extremely wide varieties of products you get to find in markets today.

You will be required to know your products first before making any initiations with regard to payments. This will ensure that you get the product that suits all your needs perfectly.

Apart from knowing what you need, it is also important that you determine the quality of the product you intend to acquire. Quality and safety have to be considered every time you attempt to purchase a probiotic.

This is because of the nature of probiotics. They are substances that you ingest into your body. You have to make no mistake when it comes to acquisition, as this may result in disastrous eventualities.

In this segment, we shall be reviewing the factors you should look at when making purchases related to probiotics. It acts as a buying guide and definitely as an eye-opener that will give better insight and aid you in the purchasing process.


Market research

Market research is probably one of the major factors you ought to consider when choosing the best probiotic. This is because it is the only process that helps you in knowing your products better.

Market research is basically carried out in two major ways, doing the research online, and carrying out research by merely window shopping or visiting physical shops and stores.

Probiotics are mostly sold in local stores. However, with the current changes in modernization and technology, sellers, including chemists have moved their merchandise and have established online shops with the aim of reaching broader markets.

Depending on your preferred form of purchase, you’ll be able to follow the research process in relation to convenience.

The first instance, that is online research, involves the review of online markets, more especially the products they make available for sale. You are required to evaluate all the probiotics falling within close range of probable purchase.

Reviewing the products requires you to check key features of the probiotics, and how effective they may be. Sometimes sellers just place their products for sale without providing descriptive labels.

It is important that you find a product that has been appropriately labeled. This ensures that you get a description of the products, and the respective instructions you should follow when using the same.

Additionally, you should check the websites that advertise the products for sale. There are different companies that manufacture products, but make them available for sale in different online platforms.

It, therefore, becomes necessary that you visit the websites that manufacture the said products and find more about the company and their alternative products. This will give you assurance when it comes to trusting the particular brand in terms of safety and quality.

The other thing that you are supposed to do when handling your research online is to check the customer reviews together with the product ratings. Both factors are very critical when it comes to evaluation.

Customer reviews vary with products. A good product definitely gets a good review. This, however, doesn’t mean that you should rely on the comments of a customer on the website for conclusions on purchases.

There are sellers who seek to taint the image of their rivals or strict competitors. They, therefore, post bad comments so that other customers can feel discouraged and lower their trust in the companies.

This raises the need for you to check the status of the customer, so as to determine if the comment comes from a verified purchaser, or it’s just an online scammer attempting to create tension intended at negativity.

Always take note of comments from verified buyers. You can also check the product ratings of the products being made available for sale. Product rating is usually done out of 5 stars or in percentage form.

A product that has achieved proficiency in terms of customer satisfaction will definitely score a whooping rating of 4. In percentage form, 80% can be termed as an average score. You can consider products scoring such ratings.

One good thing about online research is that you get everything you need under one roof. The process isn’t hectic at all. All you need is a stable internet connection and off you go.

There are different websites that allow you to countercheck your information for clarity. Always check the verification status of the website, so as to avoid misinformation.

When making purchases, you get to enjoy online sale discounts. These discounts help you in saving up a good amount of money, considering the fact that we are living in hard economic times.

The other method of research, commonly known as window shopping, entails the visitation of local stores, supermarkets, and pharmaceutical shops. In these places, you will definitely find experts who will give you relevant information and advice.

The sale of probiotics is something that is given top priority in stores and supermarkets, due to the nature of the product. You get to check your products in person. You will only pick a product that you have thoroughly reviewed.

This can be done by checking the labels on the tins or outer surfaces of the packing tins of these products.

There are different people you will come across when making your research. All these people, ranging from chemists to buyers, to manufacturers and even sellers, play a big role when it comes to the purchasing process.

Buyers are always returning to the stores for more supplies. Bumping into a buyer who has had quite a ton of experience when it comes to purchasing probiotics is an added plus, as he or she gets to share his experience and perspective with you.

Sellers may either be chemists or manufacturers. Either way, they are always experts in their line of work. When seeking for clarification, these people provide you with any information that you need and may find relevant to your study.

All these people help in answering frequently asked questions. They also give you recommendations that you may find helpful, that is, according to variation in your needs.
You also get to enjoy sale discounts, in case you make a purchase there and then. Becoming a loyal customer slowly breeds a guarantee of subsidy on the pricing of probiotics, such that you get to save quite a good amount of money every time you make a purchase.


Health Needs

Before purchasing a particular probiotic, it is important that you check the label of the packaging. This will ensure that you get to know the contents of the product, and what it contains.

Additionally, checking the label is helpful as it allows you to determine the type of the genus, species, and even strain that is constituted in the probiotic. All this information gives you the chance to determine whether the product is right for you or not.

The probiotic you choose should align with all your health needs. Picking a product who’s specifications barely suit you becomes a problem as you won’t get what you initially wanted. It will be a waste of money.

The number of CFUs in the probiotic should also be considered. A supplement that has a higher number of CFUs is more beneficial to you, as it is more concentrated when it comes to microorganisms.

It is advisable that you pick a supplement that had at least 20-50 billion CFUs. Higher numbers will be more beneficial.

Always remember to check the storage instructions of the product. Generally, all probiotics should be kept in cool and dry environments. This will reduce the chances of expiration.

The brand that has been involved in the production and manufacture of the supplement has to be considered. Always pick a brand that is reputable or one that has been in existence for quite sometime.

Such brands are established and may be known for consistency in terms of quality. Similarly, ensure that the probiotic you go for has been tested and approved by verified third parties authorized to conduct such tests.

This will ensure that the products are safe and pure. No contamination, especially from artificial ingredients will be involved. 


Safety and Functionality

The supplement you choose should be tested, certified and approved by relevant agencies, such as the American Board of Pediatrics.

This is a body that has bee given the mandate to check if a certain product being made for sale is safe for consumption and for the general health of the public, more especially babies or children.

The best probiotic will be free of artificial ingredients and synthetic components. You have to pick a supplement that is glyphosate residue-free. This will help in the restoration of balance within your body, especially the digestive system.

It is always advisable that you pick a supplement with multiple strains. There are two species of bacteria that are particularly helpful when it comes to improvement of the digestive system. These are Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria.

Always check for potency. It is advisable that you go for a supplement whose potency won't be affected by shipping. Additionally, go for a product that does not contain gluten, dairy, corn-soy, and binders, as these affect a lot of people, especially vegans.

Your immune system is important. In order to maintain the strength of your immune system, go for the best probiotic, one that will promote regularity, restore digestive balance, support vaginal health in women and improve lifespans of all by boosting health.

Best Probiotic List


It is quite difficult to find the right supplement for you, especially one that suits your health needs. However, with the right information, you can get the best probiotic without experiencing any hassles.

It is important to always check the labels of the product you are purchasing before making an order for shipment or purchase in a local store. Vital information is always located on the labels.

Familiarizing yourself with such information will save you the problem of purchasing something you didn’t actually prefer to acquire. The safety standards can be confirmed. You are required to check if the product complies with the set health recommendations.

In my recommendation, I would advise that you go for the Organic Probiotics 100 Billion CFU. The supplement comes with 34 strains and 100 billion CFUs, all which seek to support and improve your digestive health system.

The probiotic is totally organic. There are no risks of contamination as a result of gluten or other synthetic components. The delayed-release mechanism will ensure that the probiotic reaches the intestines safely, with minimal interference from stomach acids.

The icing on the cake for this probiotic is the shelf-stable technology. This is an advanced mechanism that has been used in the packaging of the bottles, to ensure that moisture, light, and oxygen do not affect the contents of the package.

​Be sure to check out the best probiotic today.

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