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We all care for our pets and would very much desire that they are in the best of health. But just like all living things, cats are susceptible to many diseases, and it is for this reason that we ought to take the necessary steps to look after their health.

Among the common types of ailments cats are likely to suffer, digestive tract issues are almost at the top of the list. You must take the right steps to protect your cat and treat them as soon as they fall ill, and thanks to probiotics for cats, now you can.

Most digestive ailments, in both human beings and cats, can be attributed to bacterial infections. What a probiotic does, is introduce good bacteria or flora, to combat the harmful bacteria in order to restore digestive health.

Aside from helping your cat overcome its digestive ailments, probiotics are also useful in improving overall health. This is because they significantly improve immunity, making your pet less prone to infection from foreign pathogens.

So, if you happen to be on the lookout for the best product for your cat in this respect, this article will surely be of utmost importance in helping you arrive at the best commodity. The top five products are:

Best Probiotics for Cats List



This is definately among the most recommended products for cats in the market today. While still serving as a probiotic, you can use the product as a supplement. This will provide your cat with much needed additional nutrients.

The probiotic for cats contains a highly resilient bacteria, Enterococcus faecium, which is capable of withstanding the very harsh acidic and alkaline conditions of the digestive system. This makes the product not only practical but also efficient as most bacteria will reach the target organs without being denatured.


  • The product from Purina not only serves as a probiotic, but it also provides essential supplements that your cat requires, improving its diet.
    The bacteria present in the probiotic is very resilient; this improves the overall performance of the product, as the probability that the bacteria will reach the target organs is quite high.
  • It is straightforward to get your cat to consume the product, instead of convectional pills, the product comes in powder form.


  • Some users are concern that the product causes excessive bloating in their pets.
  • Not all cats will appreciate the taste of the product, and they will show some resistance if you happen to mix the product in your cat's food.


Nutramax Laboratories

This particular product focuses mainly on providing relief for your cat's digestive discomfort, though it can also be used to provide essential supplements for your cat. It is because of this flexibility of usage that the product is highly recommended.

The product utilizes an assortment of bacteria that work to destroy the harmful pathogens in your cat’s digestive tract. It is highly effective and very much recommended, especially if your pet so happens to suffer from diarrhea.

With a 5 billion Colony Forming Units count, you are very much going to find this product highly efficient. This is because there is a high chance of the useful bacteria reaching the intestines, owing to their numbers.


  • The product contains up to 7 bacteria, all working together to optimize your cat’s digestion process.
  • Treating diarrhea in cats can be quite challenging, but the commodity provides a quick and effective solution.
  • The manufacturer provides a PK paste that drastically improves your cat’s digestion.


  • Some users of the product have reported violent side-effects from their pets, which includes vomiting.
  • There are many counterfeit products in the market claiming to be from Nutramax laboratories.


VetriScience Laboratories

In terms of flexibility of usage, very few products in the market will provide you with the same level as the commodity from VetriScience Laboratories. This is because you can help us it with both cats and dogs.

The commodity has got 5 Billion Colony Forming Units. This makes them highly effective in treating a range of digestive discomforts, some of which include bloating, diarrhea, and stomach aches. With seven different types of bacteria, this is, without a doubt, a useful product.
Unlike many probiotics, this particular one comes in capsule form.


  • You can use this product to treat digestive discomfort in both cats and dogs, and this gives it so much flexibility more so if you happen to have both.
  • The impressive Colony Forming Units count makes the product useful, owing to the increased probability of the bacteria reaching your pet's intestines.
  • It solves a wide range of digestive issues.


  • Your pet will naturally show resistance against consuming capsules, and you have to open the capsules and directly pour the powder on your pet's food.
  • Some customers have had complaints about the odor of the pills, and some find it very unpleasant.


Premo Probiotic

This is undoubtedly a product you can put your trust in, as it has been certified and standardized by experts, and deemed to be sufficient in dealing with several issues relating to your cat’s digestive discomforts.

The product mainly focuses on treating diarrhea in cats, which is among the most common and hard to treat digestive discomforts in felines. With this commodity, you will be getting a product that is free from Genetic Modification.

With six different types of beneficial bacteria, you can have little doubt that your cat will be sufficiently taken care of.


  • The product from Premio Probiotic has been carefully researched by experts and deemed to be fit for animal consumption.
  • The range of solutions offered by the product is quite impressive.
  • Some of these include treatment of diarrhea, yeast infections, bloating, among others.
  • The product is 100% natural.


  • Some users say their pets ultimately refused to consume the product, even after being mixed in their food.
  • The products low Colony Forming Unit count has raised concerns about its effectiveness. It has been determined that the count is less than what the majority of products in the market provide.



Unlike conventional probiotics, this particular not only incorporates the use of convectional bacteria but has also got an enzyme base. This combination makes the product highly recommended for cats.

When cats transition from eating foods primarily meant for kittens to those ones involved for adult cats, they often experience digestive discomfort and mild stomach upsets. With the use of this particular product, the change is guaranteed to be seamless, as the enzymes will assist the digestion process immensely.

You will love this product, as it has been designed for use by both cats and dogs.


  • The product contains the necessary enzymes that are essential for growing cats. They greatly assist them in digesting new substances should you change the diet.
  • The manufacturer guarantees a full refund if at all, the product will be inefficient. This improves customer trust in the product's ability to be of excellent service.
  • The product comes in different quantities, which include a 1 pound, 4-ounce, 8 ounces, and 10-ounce powder.


  • Some pets will show some resistance to consuming the product.
  • Some users claim their pets suffered side-effects, including excessive gas and vomiting as a result of consuming the product.

Factors to consider when purchasing Probiotics for Cats

Probiotics have very much changed the manner in which we care for our pets. They offer solutions for a wide range of issues to do with digestion, and also improve our pet's immunity by providing useful bacteria and flora that enables them to fend off disease-causing pathogens.

It can, however, be quite a tenuous task trying to find out figure how what the best commodity for your cat is. This is because of the ever-increasing number of probiotics for cats in the market today.

You must exercise a great deal of caution when selecting items of high sensitivity such a probiotic for cats. You obviously want to purchase a commodity that will put an end to all of the digestive issues your cat has been facing.

Just as you are concern about your own digestive health, so should you worry about the health of your cats. You, therefore, ought to seek only the best commodity for your feline, to enable it to live in comfort and happiness.

If your cat is healthy, it will be more pleasant to be around. You will also have less stress, as you will not have to worry about your cat all the time, what's more, you spend less time cleaning vomit, hairballs, and even diarrhea.

It is prudent that you take into considerations, the following key factors before settling on a commodity, in order to avoid the disappointment of purchasing a less than ideal product:

The allergies your cat may be having 

It is prudent that you consult your vet, to know whether the product you have settled on will trigger some kind of allergic reaction in your cat. Whether or not your cat will be affected depends on the ingredients present in the drugs.

The Colony Forming Units count

The number of bacteria in the probiotic should be taken into consideration, as this is what is more often than not used in determining both the effectiveness and efficiency of the product. The higher the count, the better the product.

A large number of bacteria gives you the assurance that the probability of survival under both the highly acidic and basic conditions of the digestive tract. Therefore, select the product which provides you with the highest Colony Forming Units count.

Conditions under which the probiotics should be stored

Different products require storage under different circumstances, as specified by the manufacturers. While many recommend that the products should be stored in a cool, dry place, some require refrigeration.
Failure to meet the storage guidelines may have either of the following reparations, and the product could be useless on account of destroyed bacteria, or in some cases, be lethal should your cat happen to ingest it.


Just like with any other commodity-related to health, probiotics have often had side-effects on animals. You simply need to consult your vet or the manufacturer if at all these side effects will be severe.
Some side-effects are experienced mildly, whereas others can be extreme. You obviously would not want your pet to suffer after you administer the probiotic. It is, therefore, critical that you seek to find out the level of severity before starting your cat off on some of these products.

You must, therefore, seek to purchase the product with the least severe side effects for the well-being of your pet.

Price of the commodity 

It goes without saying that our willingness to purchase any product is tied to its cost. This is also applicable if you are searching for probiotics for cats. You must be sure to note the good in question is correctly priced.

Be sure to take note of fundamental issues before making your purchase, such as the Colony Forming Units, the resilience of the bacteria, the range of solutions on digestive issues that your cat might be suffering from.

You must not assume that just because a product is expensive, that it is the best. You must gauge the price of the products based on the aforementioned characteristics if you desire to maximize the value for your money.

The brand types

If we are to consider the probiotic for cats, you most certainly want to use a manufacturer who has an assortment of well-known and clinically tested commodities. This makes it very easy for you to put your trust in the product.

Well-known and widely used commodities are trusted enough. Hence the manufacturers hold themselves to higher standards. Therefore they work to make sure that their products are of the highest quality to have a competitive advantage.

You, therefore, have assurance in terms of quality and also in the ability of the products to satisfy your cat's digestive needs.

Number of units per purchase

There is a considerable variation in terms of quantity with varying brand types in the market. Some offer large amounts per purchase, whereas some very little. In order for you to maximize the value for your money, you obviously want to pick one with numerous units.

A large number of units eliminate the need to purchase the commodity frequently. It may also be more efficient where cost is a concern, based on the economies of scale. This should enable you to determine the best type of probiotic to purchase for your cat.

The smell of the probiotic

Whether or not your cat will ingest the probiotic has got a lot to do with the way it smells. Unlike dogs, cats are very selective when it comes to eating. If the smell is not appealing, you can be assured that your cat will certainly not ingest the product.

Strongly scented probiotics will be very difficult for you to administer. You would not want your house smelling, that is why it would be wise for you to purchase unscented or sweet-smelling products.

Product life

It is imperative that you purchase a product that will last for long periods of time, to avoid losses of having to throw away expired goods. It can also be fatal for your cat to consume post-dated probiotics. Due to their chemical nature, you ought to exercise caution not to poison your pet.

The longer the product life, the better, in terms of economy, and also the convenience of less frequent trips to your local pet store.

Range of usage

Your choice in probiotics ought to encompass more than just solutions for your cat's digestive issues, and they should also provide your cat with essential supplements such as vitamins and other critical enzymes. This will save you the cost of purchasing separate products for your cat.

With a product providing an array of solutions, you spend less time worrying about your cat’s health.

The number of pets you have

If you have a lot of pets, you need a probiotic with large quantities per purchase. It will also be advisable for you to purchase probiotics that can be used by both dogs and cats if they have both.

Money-back guarantees

For the goodwill of the business, many manufacturers nowadays are willing to refund your money if the product results are less than satisfactory. So, why should you suffer losses when you can trust that you will get a refund from specific retailers?

You should, therefore, purchase probiotics from a manufacturer who is confident enough in the ability of their product to meet your needs as they rarely disappoint.

The benefits accruing to your cat on using probiotics

Administering probiotics have a lot of benefits, they have been extensively discussed below

Eliminating skin allergies

You might not know this, but cats, much like humans, cats also suffer from skin allergies. You might have noticed discoloration in the skin or even your cat losing its fur. If this is the case, you ought to consider administering probiotics.

If you notice your cat coughing up hairballs, it is as a result of its skin reacting negatively to a specific allergy trigger. You must, therefore, not hesitate to administer probiotics if this is the case.

Overall improvement in resistance to diseases

Nearly all diseases result from the entry of pathogenic materials into the body of a living organism. You can quickly mitigate the effects of such pathogens in your cat using probiotics. This is because the bacteria present in probiotics will work to eliminate harmful foreign bacteria, making your cat less prone to diseases.

Regulation of your cat’s body weight

Probiotics are vital if you wish to reduce the bodyweight of your cat. This is because they contain helpful bacteria and flora, that will consume the excessive fats that your cat might happen to consume, giving no allowance for your cat's body to assimilate the excessive fat.

Improvement in the health of your cat’s heart 

Probiotics are very useful in managing the healthiness of your cat's heart. If your cat happens to consume a lot of fatty foods, then some of the assimilated fats ate stored in the arteries. This, in the long run, can cause conditions such as cardiomyopathy.

Thankfully, bacteria-based probiotics ensure that your cat’s body will not ingest the excessive fat, preventing a lot of heart problems associated with excessive consumption of fats.

Provision of an optimal solution for your cat’s digestive discomfort

The primary purpose of any kind of probiotic is to provide relief for any and all problems about digestion. Some of these problems include diarrhea, bloating and stomach upsets, constipation, among many others.
It is the entire reason why you should purchase probiotics for cats ought to be to provide solutions for issues to do with digestion.

Best Probiotics for Cats List


It is imperative that we take good care of our cats, and make any and all necessary steps to ensure that they are in good health. The use of probiotics has enabled us to have a hands-on approach when dealing with issues regarding the digestive health issues of our cats.

Selecting the right probiotic for cats from a market flooded with the product can be quite a mundane and tenuous task. You must, therefore, be keen on looking out for the right set of factors that will guide your decision-making process.

Have you looked at the various products and factors, and are still unable to determine the correct probiotic for your cat? You need not worry; I have got a recommendation that will be of excellent service.

The probiotic from Purina is definitely one of the best that you will find anywhere today. The product not only provides optimal care for your digestive health but will also provide your cat with essential supplements.

So, you need not hesitate. Head down to your local vet and obtain this excellent product for the optimal care of your cat's health. This purchase will definitely be of great use to you.

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